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Anxiety Disorder?

I am trying to decide whether or not I actually have an anxiety disorder. I've been to two doctors, had a chest x-ray, blood test, and breathing test. All came back normal, or you could even say they came back "good".

I have a shortness of breath that goes on most of the day. I can't feel that I'm getting enough air. A sort of "air hunger" that just doesn't stop. Very annoying and occasionally painful because of the soreness from my chest.

I also get palpitations, a very hard heartbeat. Sometimes it even feels as if it skips a beat or two.

This can happen at times when even I'm not mad or anxious, but it occurs most often when I'm angry and nervous. Lately however, I feel alot different. I'm get into a few mood swings every now and then, and I can have some outbursts of anger for no apparent reason. I also get very hot and itchy when I'm angry or nervous. Also, I can get very nervous of the littlest things. For example, I refused to walk into a fast-food restaurant and order some food simply because I was scared of what employees and others would think of me.

I'm not worried though. That's what gets me. It seems people who have anxiety disorder constantly worry about things, and I don't do that. In fact, I can sometimes be very, very happy, but the happiness doesn't last for long. The breathing and hot flashes come back.

It's always unsuspecting.

Oh, and I'm 13 years old (but generally mature for my age :).
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From all the symptoms you've described, my totally non-medical opinion is that you do, indeed, have an anxiety disorder. That you've been to your doctor and had some pretty good tests done is great. Especially the breathing one.
Air hunger, palpitations, mood swings, sweaty/itchy feelings, irritability, nervousness, paranoia.......all point to anxiety. Whether you have generalized anxiety or social anxiety or garden variety anxiety can only be diagnosed by a doctor.........and at the young age of 13, (even tho it's obvious you are mature for your age) your hormones are kicking into high gear and that can sometimes bring on anxiety.
I would urge you to talk to your parents about these feelings and I believe a talk with your doctor is in order. You do not have to feel this way.
You'll be fine as long as you reach out for the help you need.
Write us anytime and let us know how you're doing, OK?
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Thanks. After talking to my doctor again (and getting a second opinion), both doctors suggested I should see a psychiatrist and see what he/she says. I have talked to my parents and they believe as well as I do that my nerves are on the fritz :p.

At first, I did not think that seeing a psychiatrist was really necessary, considering I can handle everyday problems on my own (i.e., social, school, etc). However, since I've never been to a psychiatrist, I told my doctor to go ahead and make an appointment.

Depending on what the psychiatrist says, I have no idea what will happen. My family doctor suggests that I see the psychiatrist and if the psychiatrist thinks I need medication, he will prescribe it. On the other hand, the doctor of whom I got a second opinion thought medication was a very bad thing at my age (that of which I don't totally disagree on), and that I just needed to talk to someone.

All I know is that I cannot possible be the only teen out there with this condition. If medication is the way to go (which it might unfortunately be), then I will be sure to have my parents monitor me and use it very cautiously. And if therapy is the way (which I don't think it is; I've talked to my friends and family about my everyday problems), then I will be sure to explain everything to my psychiatrist.

However, I wanted to know some of the people on MedHelp's opinion of what exactly to do in this situation. Since it's pretty obvious that I do have some sort of disorder, what may be the best treatment to go with?
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Wow! I am so impressed with the way you are dealing with this. Are you sure you're only 13?
Your question, "what may be the best treatment to go with," is one that none of us is qualified to answer for you.
First thing that needs to be done, and WILL be done when you see the psychiatrist, is to figure out exactly what sort of anxiety you're dealing with. That will determine what path you, your psychiatrist and your parents will take. I am so happy to hear that your folks are being so supportive of you. You are very lucky. Many kids your age have parent's who just blow their feelings off as "puberty" and let it go.
And you are very right when you say there must be other kids your age with these same sort of feelings. There are probably millions, but so many have no one to turn to, no one who understands or even tries to. And sadly, so many of them turn to drugs or drinking to help deal with the fear, pain and confusion.
Many of US also balked at the idea of seeing a psychiatrist. I mean, only "crazy" people see psychiatrists, right? Wrong! Anyone with a brain in their head who does not want to continue feeling "bad feelings," will see a psychiatrist. So know that you're ahead of the curve on this one as well.
The fact that you can handle so much of your life by yourself is great, but we ALL need help once in awhile. And by going to see this psychiatrist is just one more example of YOU handling your life. There is no shame in admitting we need a hand up sometimes. Makes us human...........and humble. I'm proud of you.
Cross the "medication bridge" when you get to it. If you really don't want to take meds, talk to your pdoc about it. And as you said, your parents are there to help you make this decison, and it IS your decision. I don't know enough about adolescent medication to give you an opinion here. I DO know that many meds for anxiety/panic and depression are not recommeded for CHILDREN, I don't know when that particular distiction is made. There are psychiatrist that deal only with young people. Perhaps you could discuss finding one with your folks?
You go on to say that you're not sure talking with a pdoc is the way since you talk about "stuff" with your friends and family. But there is obviously SOMETHING going on that is apparently deeper seated than even you are aware of. Which is exactly what psychiatrists are trained to help you figure out.
I think you have the right attitude going into this. Just keep your mind open. Healthy skepticism is a good thing.
So, what should you do in this situation? Go see the pdoc. Give it a chance. Give THEM a chance. But know that if you really don't like the person, if they make you uncomfortable for whatever reason, it is your right to see someone else. If you don't like and trust your therapist, you will never move forward. Try someone else. This is something I hope your parents will understand. I once saw 5 therapists I couldn't stand. I couldn't "connect" with any of them. The 6th was a keeper.............
Other folks on here will have other ideas, and that is what's so great about this forum. You take what YOU can use, be it from me or anyone, use it and toss the rest! This is about YOU.
You'll be fine. You just got a little "hitch in your git-along," figure out what and why, deal with it and get on with the rest of your incredibly amazing future!
We are always here if you want to talk and know that we are all rooting for you. Because we understand.
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