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Anxiety Disorder

I have been diagnosed with an Anxiety Disorder.  I have been on four different medications; the first one was Lexapro, which made me extremely tired, then Cymbalta which made me extremely paranoid, a generic version of Zoloft, I can't remember the name which I gained 15 to 20 pounds before I realized it was the medicine, and the latest one is fluoxetine(? generic Prozac) which doesn't appear to be helping, I'm still anxious (crabby) so I went off that one as well.  I'm starting to feel hopeless wondering if there is anything out there that will make me feel normal.  I have to repeatedly watch what I say, I'm almost always anxious. I am currently under a doctor's care but she seems to be staying in the "same" family of meds, I was just wondering if there is a different category of meds that I can suggest.  I have finally come to the conclusion that I do need meds to be normal which is ok.  Any input would be helpful.
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meds will help you to deal with your "PROBLEMS" and WORK on them, thats all meds do. are you seeing a therapist? Also I would consider one of the above meds and ask your dr. if there is anything you can do to, help with the side effects.
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Silver si right therapy is good but expensive, selfhelp...I am trying but it is so hard. I am also looking for med that will helpmi to function normally. Just like you SSRi's made me worse, antipsychotics just crazy. What helps is Xanax i was on for few years and klonopin I am taking now, but they are adictive so be careful.....but either way, they don't give me full relief. I heard LYRICA, inicialy prescribed for Fibromalgia is realy helpfull for anxiety, but It is not FDA approved yet in us but Europe is using it with success for years. My doc mentioned this med to me but still did not made decision if I shoul try it or not. I started taking Magnesium Taurate 3 days ago, so far not much of a difference but I will let you know!!!!

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