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I am a 27 year old male, who I THINK suffers from severe anxiety. This has been going on for 2 years now. I am 6.3 I used ot be 250 pounds 3 years ago  I am now 200 pounds. My misery started when my doctor told me 3 years ago that my triglyceride levels were extremely high...I a was not used to beeing sick or beeing told anything bad by a doctor. I took Tricor high dose for a couple of years untill I got my triglycerides back to its normal level. I am now taking Lipito 10mg, fish oil and Synthroid 137mcg because I also have Hypothyroidism. I quit smoking 14 months ago. When I quit smoking I also quit coffe and any caffeine intake. I smoked for 11 years about a pack a day and drank 5-6 cups of coffe each day. I woke up one day and said im not doing this anymore and stopped. I used to drink occasionally but now i stopped that also. I have been through numerous tests about 15 EKGS all came out fine, stress test came out fine, nuclear stress test came out fine.I started getting chest pains and doctors office became my second home. My doctor was concerned and sent me for a CT Scan Angio, he said he found a small plaque on the diagonal arterie but he said that is not whats causing my chest pains and it should not be a major concern since its only a very small plaque and not a blockage. At this point ...I dont even feel like going to my doctor(who btw is a cardiologist) because he ruled out everything and is coninced I have a Anxiety and Panic. Lately I have been feeling like I am having trouble breathing, not shortness of breath, I can take a full breath of air however I feel like something in my throat is making a bit harder for me. It does not feel like a lump in my throat. I also have this other condition, it feels like my heart skips a beat , and it happens randomly...it feels like someis squeezing either my heart or the center of my chest and as its happening I literally can NOT catch my breath.I went to the doc with that problem first he laughed since he is convinced anxiety is the problem, but in any case he put me on the holter monitor for 24 hours and I am still waiting for those results.....I read about it and one of my friends told me that it might be AFIb(Atrial Fibrillation)...basically when that happens I feel alert and I feel like imk duying thats aside from when I feel anxious. I am also a very "uptight" human beeing everything for me is urgent, i et overly excited about everything.
So after I have said everything..and I know it sounds complicated ..but if there is anyone who might be able to guide me somewhere or give me an advice I would really appreciate it.It has taken a toll in my life and I feel like Im ruining my life by not accepting  that I have anxiety or maybe I have anxiety and a medical issue???
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hey man
I have a similar story as your. I was diagnosed with chronic migraine back in april I have a great neurologist and trust him alot. I realized about a month ago that i was very depressed and anxiety kicked in! The best way i can describe what i feel now is disconnected insecure not grounded i feel like im learnig myself ALL over again! I recently went on lexapro 3 weeks ago and started therapy 3 weeks ago and trying my best to accept that i have this condition of chronic migraines! It is the most difficult part of the process. Working all of this out takes patience which i need to learn too!! :) keep in touch and be patient with yourself!
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Thanks Anthony...wish you all the best also...I am hoping someone here has more experience on what I described.....I feel like its taking over my life!!!!
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Your symptoms sound like typical anxiety/depression.  They are quite common for those of us who have these ailments.  The 'health anxiety' especially over the heart is very common.
If your cardiologist is not concerned about your heart then you shouldn't be either.  I would take his advice about the anxiety and see a psychiatrist.  Anxiety comes in many forms. It sounds like you have had it to some degree for some time and see yourself as a 'type a' personality and always anxious.  A psychiatrist can give you a specialist opinion on the matter and taking your other heath problems into consideration, give you some treatment options.  Anxiety is not good for the heart, I know this from experience.  Over time it takes it's toll without question and the heart is a big recipient of it's vengeance.  It doesn't have to control your life.  Let us know how you make out.
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