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Anxiety IBS or Heart problems

So im going to be as Honest as possible. im 17 years old,Male, last year in school, and my life is falling apart. About a month ago i was being a teen and smoked weed and while drinking a mountain dew and smoking a cigar right after, iv'e smoked pot before and nothing bad happened at all. about 5 minutes later in the car i felt my heart was pounding, soon after i started to loose all feeling in my body, was having horrible pain in my chest (left side), i felt like i was blacking out and i thought i was going to die. My cousin drove me to the hospital it was at a all time climax during the drive and when i arrived to the hospital 10 minutes later it wasn't hurting as bad i gained feeling back but it was still hard to breathe. They take my information, my heart rate and BP where high 140 BPM i can't remember my BP. they hook me up to a IV with salen solution and did bloodwork and an EKG. Both check out. i saw the doctor about pain in my left arm it felt tingly and made it hard to sleep. he hooked me up with pain meds and 2 weeks later i feel perfect. Me being stupid i decide to smoke again but i stopped drinking caffeine and smoking cigars, i thought it was because it was my first time inhaling a cigar. So i smoke again and that same thing happens but not as agonizing my BPM was at 130 when the ambulance came and took me to a different hospital. They did a EKG Bloodwork and a heart x-ray, everything checks out but they said "treat it as if you where allergic to pot" so i quit smoking altogether 4 days later i have a serious panic attack and go to the local ER again, they drew my blood did several testes everything went find i calmed down but i couldn't sleep at all. i felt flushed (hot) the only sleep i got is when i laid with my mom. 2 days after that a pressure under my left ribs occurred and a had another panic attack this one being worse and causing me chest pain. i go to a different hospital at 12 at night ( the one the ambulance took me too) i took a GI cocktail and took an anti-anxiety pill that started with an A i can't remember. I felt alot better not worried about anything on the way back but i still had that pressure. i tried to sleep on my own ( iv'e been laying with my mom) and i get this hot flash feeling that ran through my whole body i became sweaty because it felt like my heart was racing. I wake my mom up and she calms me down and i fall asleep. i go to school the next day felt like my heart was pounding hard im forced to go because iv'e been missing so much lately i go home before my last class because im having another small one. I see my family doctor and he wants me to see a cardiologist for PVST to make sure i dont have it. So i got an appointment went they only did an ekg and said i was fine and wanted me to take a stress test which both of my parents forgot to make an appointment for. everything calms down i start taking gas-x for my bloating. a few days ago iv'e started to have minor anxiety attacks. But last night i had full abdominal pain along with left arm burning and i had a major anxiety attack didn't even go to bed. just cried for ours scared i was going to die during my sleep. So i miss school today, my left arm pain is gone. but when i lay down i can feel my heart beating in my stomach and in my throat when it tightens up but that comes and go. I want to see the doctor again and all i want to do is to live in the hospital t'ill i don't hurt anymore. My dad is making an appointment for the family doctor again and tell him about the abdomnial pains. Another thing i forgot to add is when my arm was burning i had a burning sensation in the middle of my chest but more on the left side which hurt. Im scared and have no idea what to do and reading symptoms of stuff makes me think i have it. Sorry about the wall of Text but please get back to me with any ideas!

Best Regards
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I've heard about this many times. Smoking pot can cause panic attacks in some people. Plus you were drinking caffeine and smoking a cigar.
Your parents are doing the right thing by having every thing checked out with you.
It does sound like anxiety to me. You have all the symptoms.
Alot of us that have anxiety also have stomach problems. Gas, bloating, pain.
Do the tests and if every thing comes back alright you might want to think about counseling with or with out meds for your anxiety.
Your Mom sounds like she's very loving and caring. When you feel anxious talk to her.
We're here to listen and talk with you, okay. Take care. Remar
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THanks for taking the time Remar to read this. She is but she is the reason im having bad attacks because she kills me over missing school. Iv'e dug myself into a big whole. But im seeing the doctor this week! which makes me happy.
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Your welcome. It sounds like your having alot of stress going on in your life right now. I'm glad to hear your seeing the Dr this week. I bet your symptoms are from anxiety. Try your best to stay calm and take something for your stomach if you start having those pains again, okay. Take care. Remar
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Does anyone have any ways to coupe with it until i have my doctors app. so far everynight iv'e had them and i can't take it anymore.
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and im becoming extremely emotional
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I agree it sounds like anxiety to me too.. Anxiety I think at times can be worse then actual illnesses, because it leaves you always feeling physically sick like something is wrong. Then the mental side of things where you actually believe it and fixiate on it!!! Our brains are amazing I think and what they are capable of.. And how it can last the symptoms I mean even when we are not having an attack!!! Crazyness!!!!!!
I myself found it helpful to rule out health problems through test and it sounds like you are well on your way with that.. So that's good, just try to pu a little faith in the medical field lol..
Second I forgot if you mentioned meds or not, but I know sometimes when used properly they can be really effective!! I think exercising helps alot!!!!!!!!!! I started working out alot more these past few months a I am new to the anxiety world and I found that helps alot, and it's good for you and helps you focus on the healthy parts of you then the sickly side... Eating good foods, breathing exercises, and keeping busy and staying positive as much as posssible help me the most!!!
And I am glad you have a supportive family that helps alot, I have support as well and I know that saves me every min or every day knowing I am not facing this alone!!!
And btw my first panac attack a few months back was induced by pot too, it was my first time in like 8 years, and I will never smoke again!!!!! As since that day I have had constant symptoms everyday all day long often and it has truly effected my life and scared me thoroughly sometimes and this forrum has made a huge differance in my life!!!
I'm here for you if you need to talk just shoot me a message or post here and I will check back:-)
good luck and take care
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HI, before anyone starts or stops taking Benzos, which is vallium, xanax,klonipin, ativan,diazepim,,, ETC,etc, you need to know that they ARE VERY PHYSICALLY DEPENDANT drugs.  I have been on xanax for about 5 years, I think, and I never took more than 1.5 mg a day.  I noticed over the years that my anxiety troubles were getting worse. I figured it was ME.  IT ISNT.  These drugs CHANGE your brain chemistry, which in turn affects your WHOLE body. I have recently tapered my dose down in half, and I have been in terrible withdrawal .  Im talking low grade fevers, hyperventilation, neck tics, headaches, exhaustion, panic, GERD.... diahrrea......etc etc.....DONT start Benzos. Im telling you. And if you are taking them and your getting worse, you need to taper down SUPER SLOWLY.  Heres a very Informative link....


ANti depressants also cause major withdrawal symptoms, and are not as dangerous as benzos, but should never be quit cold turkey..   BE very careful about MEDS>>>>>  they should be a LAST ditch option...

by the way, pot gives me major panic attacks.  quit that stuff years ago....
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Thanks everyone going to the doc today i might have a Hiatal Hernia that is causing chestpain and the chest pain is causing my anxiety to run wild
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I have also had panic after smoking, although I already had anxiety problems so it wasn't an ew experience for me. I had heard that for some people pot calms them down and helps their anxiety, not so much for me. At least we know that now, right?

I hope that you your mom and your Dr. can find a solution for you.
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i went to the doctor today and he perscribed ativan and protonix. he is running bloodtests for angina.
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