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Anxiety IBS symptoms

27 male. Not a stranger to the forum. I was just curious to see if anyone else can relate. =)

I suffer from health anxiety, however, for the past 5-6 months I have been anxiety and Med FREE. =) Amen.
However, I do have a bottle of ativan for those just incase moments of anxiety, which I have taken some the past few days to help stop myself from going into full blown anxiety mode.

Last Thursday night, I was attending an Awards Ceremony for a movie I made. My wife and I and friends and family all came to support me. (My film did get nominated several times by the way ;) haha. Unrelated)

While I was at the awards ceremony, around 8pm i felt my stomach rolling and rolling, then then I felt like I had Diarrhea. I ignored it, thought it was due to nerves, b/c as much as I tried to keep myself cool, I did feel a little pressure from the big night.

That evening when I got home I had to go to the bathroom, and sure enough it was the "D" word. lol.

I felt fine though. The next day (Friday) I felt bloated, gassy, rolling stomach, and had "D" all day long and night. Sometimes I'd get cramps and I'd feel like I could get nauseous. My anxiety level was pretty low though. But I felt TERRIBLE, and I kept thinking I had a flu bug.

I took an ativan that night just to relax, b/c I do have health anxiety, and I was a little anxious from having "D" all day long. It's just no fun ya know? lol.

The next day (Saturday) I felt much better, and while not having an appetite, I still ate some things, like toast, peanut butter sandwich, etc. I felt much better. However, in the late afternoon, I got REALLY tired and had a mild headache, it hit me out of nowhere. Then for dinner, I felt kind of hungry but nothing looked good. I ended up eating some salmon, b/c it looked the most appealing for some reason, and a roll, and some fruit for dinner.

After that I felt the stomach cramps coming back, I got hot and sweaty for a moment, then it passed. I finally tried to use the restroom, and sure enough there was a little bit of "D" but not a whole lot.

Sunday came rolling around, and I felt even more better than Saturday, and I even had a hard stool in the afternoon, For dinner I took my wife out for Mothers day, and I actually wanted Spicy Chicken Wings and ranch dressing! lol. I know I know, gross right? But it SOUNDED SO GOOD. So with not having much of an appetite, I chowed down.

On our way home, my stomach felt bloated, which was expected, but then I got really gassy, which was also expected? lol. But when I got home, I felt the urge to go to the restroom, b/c I started cramping up a tad again. I was so frustrated!

It ended up being just a little bitty bit of "D" but not much at all.

With having health anxiety, as some of you know how it is, all we do is FOCUS on the "WHY is this happening" "WHAT could be wrong?" "WHEN will it ever stop?" Then we make our selves more anxious.

That's what I was doing, however, the rest of the night was fine.

Monday came, and this is the day I caught myself being SUPER anxious at work, my stomach was rolling, but I didnt have "D" all day or night. I did have a partially hard stool that evening, but followed by some looser stool, but not "D".

But I caught myself going into an ANXIETY spell... I was focusing SO much on it, kept thinking about it... finally I took 2 ativan and chilled out.

Today hasnt been as bad, my appetite is still gone, and my stomach has been nervous some due to anxiety.
I had a partially hard stool today, but have had some acid reflux a lot too. I've been taking some over the counter "not prescription strength" acid reducers. They have seemed to help some the past couple days.

But but my question is...

I've had this before (I looked back in my journal, and one summer I had this for about 2 months, and my Dr. wasnt concerned, he did a stool sample back then and said it was just IBS symptoms from anxiety.)

Do you think that one night of the nerves could cause my digestive track to go full blown crazy for the past 4 days? Just curious. I'm sure the answer is YES. I should know this. And I've really came a long ways with anxiety this past year.

I know when I'm fixing to go into a downward spiral, I KNOW when to medicate myself with ativan and when not too. And the past few days is the only time I've used ativan in 5 months. =)

I guess I just want this digestion crap to stop, I can't stop thinking and pondering about it, which I'm sure is making it last a bit longer?

Thanks guys!
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You sound so much like me. Last year I dealt with digestive issues for month after my grandma passed. I had diarrhea almost daily which caused me to go into full blown anxiety and think there was something seriously wrong with me. I notice even still if something is making me anxious or stressed ill have stomach issues leading up to and right after the event.

I was really sick to my stomach the 4 days before my tooth extraction. Nausea, feeling like I was going to have diarrhea at any moment etc etc.

Today I've been ok. And unfortunately I haven't been able to go the past 2 days. Although I was very cramped up part of the day. My doc seems to think I have ibs that alternates between diarrhea and constipation. Oh yay.

But I definitley notice my symptoms flaring right before, during, and after high stress.

I hoped I helped a little. Ibs isn't fun but at least it can be expected and planned for during high stress situations.

Immodium is a lifesaver for me during my flare ups. And that's generally how I know its my  ibs symptoms...because immodium isn't stopping a bug.
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I have immodium but haven't taken any. I should have on Friday. Will immodium help with my symptoms now? Now I just feel like my stomach just rolls and is digesting weird... And I feel very bloated right now. My stomach is a tad nervous and I know that doesn't help. I'm also burping alot. Lol. Though my stools seem to be getting a little harder day by day, they still feel very acidy?

What I'm trying to do is NOT go to the DR. Bc with health anxiety, that's what I do best, is rack up $40 copays
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Lol. So I know this will soon pass. And I'm doing alright. It must be getting better bc Friday, I could take a sip of water and it would go right through me. I'm not like that anymore. Thank God lol. But like I said my stomach still feels off and my intenstines or whatever. Would immodium still be worth trying? Or is that only for diarrhea? Can it help harden up the softer stools I'm having? Or should I just give it some time since it seems to be getting slightly better? I just ate some yogurt thought that the pro biotics could be good for the digestive tract. :)
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Immodium usually helps with my cramps. I dunno about the bloating..I'm not sure that I get bloating. Funny enough now I'm getting the weird gurgly, cramping feeling after a stressful day.
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Hiya cnote!  Glad to hear you've been doing so well, and a BIG congrats on the movie!  How awesome!

The good thing for you, is you've been down this anxiety road before and know what to expect.  Everyone's anxiety presents a little differently.  Some of us get the digestive symptoms, some lose their appetite, some eat more, some get headaches.  It just depends.

What I HONESTLY think happened here is that your justifiable nervous feelings at the awards show naturally caused some GI upset, including the diarrhea.  Being prone to anxiety, you ran with it a little and started up that anxious cycle of thinking.  The more you worried, the more anxious you got, the more diarrhea you had, and so on.  I think if you put your anxiety tools into effect, you should be able to hopefully squash the cycle early on.  That's one benefit us anxiety "pros" have versus someone who is experiencing it for the 1st time...we know how to identify anxiety and what to do about it...and instead of putting it off (usually hoping it isn't anxiety), we jump back into our methods, which is a good thing.

GI symptoms are one of the most COMMON anxiety effects, it's a normal process. We get nervous, our digestive systems get ramped up, it's a normal response.  The more anxious we become, the worse those symptoms get.  The increased motility in our GI tracts is what causes the loss of appetite, upset stomach, diarrhea, heartburn, etc.  You absolutely could try some OTC remedies to help minimize the symptoms, which of course would help to reduce your anxiety about it.  Something like Maalox is a great choice, because it contains Simethicone, which will help with the gas and bloating.  I'd go with that first before trying immodium, only b/c you don't want to get yourself into a constipation situation either.  If the diarrhea becomes worse, then the immodium is a great option.  From what you describe, it doesn't even sound like actual diarrhea, more a loose stool situation.

Use your Ativan and start addressing the anxiety in ways that work for you.  The bad thing about having anxiety is that we never forget how it feels, therefore, even in a situation (like the awards) where nervousness would be expected, it still triggers an anxiety response in us that is different from people without anxiety.  We run with it.

I think you'll be just fine and the combo of your anxiety coping skills and some OTC remedies for the GI upset should have you feeling better.  As always, we want to know how you're doing...don't be a stranger!

Congrats again on your amazing accomplishments with the movie, you should be so proud!
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Hey, cnote!  Have you ever tried GasX?  Works wonders for that gassy bloated feeling.  
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I see nursegirl suggested Maalox because of the Simethicone.  GasX is Simethicone.  
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Nice to hear from you Nursegirl. It's true, we learn to cope better and better with it I believe. It's taken me 3 years to finally start figuring it out. It took lots of trial and error, like talk therapy, different antidepresants, couple different benzos.

Come to find out, IN MY CASE... what works best, is the great relationship with my Dr. who KNOWS me, and just taking ativan in a ONCE in a GREAT while, and when I mean by that is (when I need it, this round it's been 5 months since I've taken any, then I gradually stop over a 2 week period.)

I love medhelps tracker, b/c it's showing me how I've DRASTICALLY changed and my mood levels have been at EXCELLENT (Which mean no anxiety) for about 5 months or more. It's great.

I'm gonna pass on taking anything for my stomach, b/c I feel like it's doing what it's supposed to do, it's on the mend. And today has been pretty good! No problems at all.

Still not very hungry but I'm eating good. That's just anxiety though. I should know. :)

My nervous (anxiety/butteflies) tummy has calmed down a lot too today. So that's good.

Talk to you later!
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I've been down that road before, many times. Yes, anxiety can trigger all the symptoms you described, especially if you've experienced a surge of anxiety. How often do you hear about someone who experienced a traumatic event (like getting shot at or being chased by a wild animal) and soiling their pants? It happens.

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My anxiety has stopped officially! Yay! My digestion seems to be on the right path. Whoohoo! Anxiety stinks. Lol.
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Awesome news.  Good for you cnote!

Don't be a stranger!
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I think allmost all  of us previously or currently  suffering panic disorder/GAD has ibs of gi problem. Really it is difficult to forget the habit of remaining sick unless treated before we become a self doctor or hypocondriac. We are continuously looking for solutions but only solution is to forget which is not possible after all we allways had a weak mind that's why we are the sufferer. But there is a good news that scientiest are trying to discover bad memory eraser pill. Don't know when it will be available.
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