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Anxiety Medication Question.

Hi, Just have a few questions about Anxiety Medication,

Basically I have Anxiety\Panic Attacks, and ill be going to see my DR this tuesday about medication.

My first question is, for whoever takes some type, how effective is it? does it really help?  My aniexty is quite servere, but it is improving without any medication, alot better then it was at one time.

I also have another quesiton thats been bothering me, How safe are these types of medication? Are they addicting? Cant they hurt you?

I dont think I have an addicting background, I used to drink, and smoke marijuana quite often before all this started, but had no problem letting it go.

Also would like to add im a 19 y/o male, if that matters any.

Anyways, just hope someone can give me some info, thanks.
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It is a very normal thing to wonder about the efficacy and possible side effects of medications.  I have taken them with great success and I am a big proponent of them as long as they are COMBINED with talk therapy.  They are a tool that can help you along as you learn about the anxiety/panic cycle.  I was originally VERY against any forms of medication until my doctor suggested them.  They are very safe as long as you follow the prescription and the doctor's orders.  For me, I get more side effects from taking a Claritan then I do from an SSRI (a common type of Antidepressant).  

It can be a scary thing the first time you take it, but in my experience they do help and remember for every horror story you hear about there are literally thousands of success stories.  As with any medication, it affects people in different ways and sometimes it is a little trial and error when finding out the best course for you.

It did not turn me into a zombie, I was able to come off of it just fine, and there are a few side effects when you start, stop, or adjust dosage, but again, I have more problems with many over the counter allergy medications.  Again, just ensure you are in close consultation with your doctor with this, follow instructions, don't do it on your own, and you will be fine.  Please don't hesitate to keep your questions coming!  Keep us posted!
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I should of stated, I am talking talk therapy at the moment, and it is helping, slowly mind you, but its helping.

Anyways, im sure ill go over this with my doctor, but what are the most common side effects while starting, or withdrawling from these types of meds?

Also, is it ok to be physically active while taking them? I usually  play ice hockey  all winter, and work out. Also what about driving a vechile?

Sorry if there dumb questions, I heard they can be extremely effective with treating anxiety, but those horror stories can be scary.
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im 29 years old and my anxiety started when i was 19, i tried to fight it without meds but lost. i think ive been on every medication out there, none of them seemed to work.  finally i started klonipin 5mg every morning because when i woke up thats when it seemed to be at its worse. then about three years ago i started cymbolta which is great now i have no anxiety. i know klonipin can be addictive, cymolta on the other hand is not but if you take a antidepresent like cymbolta its has to get into your system which could take up to 3 weeks before it is fully affective. but i would prefer to be on medication than suffer every day from anxiety......good luck

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Mine started about 4 years ago, and I also think I lost without medication. Iv been trying though but its very stressful, and as much as I would hate to take medication, I agree its better to take it and be happy then suffer everyday.
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thats me also, when i did not have meds, my anxiety was out of control. now i feel so normal, i just hope you can get the meds you need. so you can move on with your life :-)

good luck
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Yes, you can be active while taking them.  I am extremely active and run upwards of 50 miles a week and often run races on the weekend.  I also play softball and bike with people from work.  For me, the side effects were very tolerable.  I think initially, they were actually more out of fear than actual effects of the medication.  When I started on an SSRI, they initially increased my anxiety and put me a little more on edge, but after a few weeks or so, they really did help tremendously with the talk therapy.  I am very encouraged that you are seeking help with this. Progress is progress...even if it is slow!
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Thanks for the help :)
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