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I have been expierencing severe anxiety and depression, i feel like nothing makes me happy and I feel like i wont be able to go on forever feeling like thie forever... I started 20 mg of celexa and it made me tired and didnt really help then i changed to 20mg of Prozac sometimes i feel better with it but more often worse than not.  Does anyone have any suggestions for new meds or should i up the dosage??
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How long have you been taking the Prozac for? Sometimes it takes a couple of weeks to get adjusted to medication.  Also my psychiatrist told me alot of people who suffer from anxiety/depression will think the medication is making them worse because the are already struggling with anxiety/depression.

However, some medications just don't work for people, or cause side effects such as fatigue.  I was on lexapro 10mg for a year, then stopped, and started to take it again for a little over a month and it no longer worked for my anxiety.  So I slowly weaned off the lexapro and switched to cymbalta.  For a week i took 5 mg of lexapro and a 30mg cymbalta.  Now I am at a therapeutic dosage of 60mg cymbalta.  And I also take clonozapem up to 3 times a day if I have panic attacks.

Lexapro gave me gastroinstestinal side effects.  While as Cymbalta now seems to give me sleep troubles/insomnia.   However, sometimes the medication outweighs the side effects.  Cymbalta allows me to get through a day without anxiety, I rarely have to take my clonozapems.

Ask your psychiatrist the next time you visit them, they will have a better idea of what route to go.
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I have been on the the prozac for almost 2 weeks now ], she said she may up the dosage to 40 mg but im afraid of being zonked out all day and trying to work on a higher level.
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Perhaps if you discover the prozac 40mg makes you tired, tried taking it at night if your doctor will allow you to.  That might help with the fatigue.
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