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Anxiety/Panic Attack or Heart Issue?

Hi, I'm wondering if any can chime in about symptoms I've been feeling last couple weeks, especially last few days.

I have had an issue with being woken in the night with my heart pounding (not racing, pulse is usually 80-100bpm), and sometimes a flushing feeling in my stomach for more than a year or two. This is usually accompanied by a dream where I am exerting myself (chasing someone, being chased, etc.). I have constant stomach issues and pain that also wake me up. So sleep is not great.

But a couple weeks ago I awoke with a very sharp pain on the left side of my chest and a little under my left arm. Didn't go away for more than 30min. I was sleeping on left side. Since then, this has subsided a bit, and I avoid sleeping on left side. I've felt a bit of discomfort at times (more pressure than pain) under my left armpit.

And a coupe days ago, I was sitting talking to someone in the evening when I suddenly became very dizzy and lightheaded. I had a bit of difficulty focusing my thoughts as well, but possibly due to wondering what was happening. Eventually went home. Just took it easy, as I felt generally pretty weak. But I have no symptoms of sickness.

Then, this morning at 5am, I was awakened by a very intense 'attack'. It didn't seem to be associated with a typical dream. My heart was pounding very heavily, and this time I felt a flushing or heat flash over the left side of my face for a few minutes. This has NEVER happened before. I just sat in bed and completely focused on being calm and peaceful. After a while, it died down but never fully went away. And I had to remain on my back, not my sides, or things would get worse.

Today there is still a bit of pressure or heart palpitations on the left side of my chest, and there is also a bit of pressure under my left armpit. I have no numbness or tingling in arm/face, though. And I've never experienced 'shortness of breath' (I can take deep breaths during these episodes). Just feel pretty weak and 'out-of-it' overall.

- Thoughts anyone???

- Are these symptoms of panic attack, or possibly something worse?

I have never taken any meds for anxiety, nor have I seen a doctor about any of this. Unfortunately, I don't have insurance and just started the application for it last night. So I would love to wait a few weeks til that kicks in, but don't want to take any chances.
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I think you need to get checked out ASAP!  Although anxiety can present with a wide array of symptoms, you never want to assume something is anxiety without ruling out other causes.  It may be best to go to the ER where they can check you out and rule out anything serious, and then you can persue this further when you have insurance. Pain, or pressure with movement isn't normally associated with anxiety.  Get checked out and go from there.  Good luck and take care!
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