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Hi to all!  I am new here and am so glad that I found this forum.  I had a panic attack back in Oct of this year and it came out of nowhere!  Wow..what an experience...I got really hot, my heart was racing and I felt really weird.  Anyway, got over there and now I seem to have anxiety about having another one.  This is all really a weird feeling for me.  I have always been in control of things.  I am a very controlling person and to know that you can not control anxiety is even more stressful.  I am not sure what to do because I do not take pills at all. I do not know why this is, but do not like to put meds into my body.  I have read that Behavioral Therapy does work and am wondering if anyone out there has done this and also..has anyone beat this without taking drugs???  Any help would be appreciated and hope to hear from someone soon.
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If you can start to use natural methods for controlling your anxiety it will certainly be helpful.  Behavioural Therepy is great combined with breathing techniques and breathing exercise.  I see a Psychologist and she is very good, although I have had 12 days one one kind of mediction that made me so sick, the Dr. took me off it yesterday and I am starting another one.  Medication is not the easiest road, but if you cant manage your anxiety sometimes we need help to get it under control.  I wish I was not on it and probably so do most of the people on this site.  Have a look at St Johns Wort and Omega 3 fatty acids and L5 Tryptophan ( I not sure if thats right spelling).  But when once you start on SSRI's you cant take some of this stuff, so give it a try first.  What is happening to cause the anxiety is an unbalance of chemicals in the brain and if you can get it back into with good food, and natural remedies you will be better of.  I am not on an SSRi now but taking something called Endep which works on the brain chemicals but in a slightly different way.  Will have to see how it goes, its all a hit and try thing from what I see.  Godd Bless and good luck to you.
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