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Anxiety-Panic disorder?

Hey guys got a list of symptoms I have been having since Dec. I have had cardio work done up (Echocardiogram,EKG,Nuke Stress test),blood work (x-2) Chest X-Rays,Ct scan of head, 2 ER visits and have been told i am A-ok. Here is the list I mentioned earlyer, Just want to see if anyone relates.

Lightheaded feelings (hard to explain these its dizzyness with a type of blurred vision thing)
Chest pain ( Sometimes Sharp,Sometimes dull, But always in the heart area)
A Heavy Heart beat. (Not really fast, but a strong pumping feeling)
Fear i am having a heart attack or worseing Heart condition (most of the time)
When a attack comes on I also get sweaty palms, hot flashes and stomache not feeling right.
Also a general feeling of not feeling good. (If ya asked where do you feel bad, I would not have a answer for ya.

Of couse these feelings are worse when a attack occurs but the chest pain and dizzyness can be there without the attack, as well as the overall feeling of "Not Good".

Can anyone relate to all of this..... Any input would rock.

Thanks:  John
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Hey John,
It sounds like you are suffering from health anxiety, especially of the heart. You've had all the tests done and you've been cleared as fine. The hard part now is accepting your symptoms as anxiety induced and not life threating illnesses. I know this is easier said than done. I've had all the symptoms you've described and numerous tests as well. I even had 2 brain MRI's in one year because I was convinced I had MS or something worse. Now I'm dealing with horrible PVC's/PAC's which the Dr told me were benign. I take 10mg of Lexapro daily which helps with the overall anxiety. On the days I get the heart palps I just have to convince myself that they're not going to kill me. Just try and hang in there and take advantage of the days when your feeling good. I've been dealing with this for over 3 years now and I know others here on these forums have dealt with similar issues for much longer. Just take things one day at a time and focus on the positives in your life:)
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Hi I can relate to your feelings especially where you say chest pain and dizziness are present without an attack. I have dizziness and fuzzy vision most of the day when i am not even feeling nervous. which scare me!!

I think i have health anxiety coz i think i am going to die, i have some sort of illness doctors dont no about and i even worry if i ever need an operation in case i die ( i think i am like this coz i am a student nurse)

like you i do worry about my symptoms especially the vision one think its because it is there most of the time.

Well if the doctors say you are in good health then i think now its time to get out of the cycle and start thinking positive. it may sound silly but it does work i have had a few good, normal days doing that.

The only reason why i am like this at the min is just someone mentioned my vision problems could be due to a tumor. i no the person did not want to sacre me however as you will no yourself when you have health anxiety you panic especially with the T word.

Try it it may work for you.

hope this has helped.

hope you feel better soon
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hey john I am 21 years old and I struggle everyday all day long with all the symptons you do too , I have been to the ER 5 times in 2 months and I had brain mri , came back good , I had eco cardiogram a ekg came back normal , several blood test came back normal , chest xray came back good , stomach xrays came back good , neck mri came back good, your fine trust me just accept that it is just aniexty an try not to think to much about it to much , take a deep breathe and ust tell yourself your heathly and your not going anywhere anytime soon !
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