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Anxiety Questions and facts

Hey Ladies/Girlies,

I have a few questions- I was diagnosed with a moderate anxiety but I want to know more about it. Does anyone have a link to a good site about "moderate anxiety" ? What are the symptoms and how do I cope with them.
Thanks, reply ASAP.
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Hi, and welcome!  Sorry you're going through the anxiety - it's a tough road sometimes.

There is no cookie cutter set up symptoms.  Many of us on here suffer from different symptoms.  

- nervousness/anxious/sense of doom
- jitters, shakes
- chest pain
- dizziness
- headaches
- loss of appetite/weight loss
- fatigue
- heightened startle reflex
- trouble sleeping

As for how to address anxiety, there are a number of good resources.  The most important is self-care.  Eating good nutrition, drinking plenty of water, decreasing caffeine (a stimulant).  Exercise, even if it's just getting up and dancing or going for a good walk.  Rest when you need to.  Listen to your body.  Distraction when the anxiety is creeping in - turn on some music, call a friend and talk it out, get up and go walk.  But most importantly is retraining your brain.  "This is just anxiety.  It's no fun, but it's not going to hurt me.  It's going to be okay."  Slow, deep, into-your-belly breathing is key!  Journaling has also been very helpful for me.

Another top-line resources is therapy.  Therapy has been huge for me in recognizing my anxiety triggers, and helping me develop good approaches to prevent or address them when they crop up.

Still others have found success with medication.  And some folks out here have found natural/alternative therapies that work great for them.

It's all about what works well for you, in partnership with your doctor.  Keep communicating about your symptoms, and develop a plan that your comfortable with.

Best wishes!
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You can edit that error. What have you done about your anxiety and what did dc say to do to resolve it?
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Thanks for that. I am actualy older than 12 but I put in wring date if birth!  Arghh!
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I just noticed you are 12. There is also a teen section on medhelp so you might try posting there as well, since people dealing with teens follow that board.
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There is no set of factors called moderate anxiety - it is just your doc saying not too bad so likely you can get over it, but not minor either so it might take some work. Or something like that.
Anxiety affects people differently and the worst part is trying to figure how you feel to describe it to your doc, however you have got past the initial discussions with doc.
What did doc say was a good plan to deal with it? What is it that you are anxious about?
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