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Anxiety Symptoms last forever...

When I have stress in my life I feel like I cant breath for days, my chest feels tight, I have night tremors, and some times it will last weeks.  My worst symptom of anxiety is the breathing issue I feel like I can never catch a complete breath.  I take Ativan twice a day but It only masks the symptoms.  I also take adderall for ADD, and I know it can make things worse, but I had these symptoms way before I started the Adderall.  Is there another med. I can take with Adderall for anxiety that will help these symptoms from coming on at all.  Also is it normal for symptoms to last this long.  
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hiya i cant help you on the meds issue cause i only take beta-blockers which help with the panic but dont really solve the anxiety, i have the breathing, tight chest issues i must make myself yawn 500  times a day to get that deep breath, have you been checked out properly by a doctor? havin a tight chest etc is a classic anxiety symptom not very nice but try relaxin and doing breathing exercises they do help
hope you feel better soon
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i get anxiety so bad that my body tenses up and i feel like my body is shaking but its really not! i go to sleep and get jerked awake thinking that i cant catch my breath.
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How long does this last? Days, weeks? I've had the same thing for weeks. My Dr. is optimistic that I will be over this soon, and I have had some improvement.
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