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Anxiety Symptoms or something else?

I began to be quiet anxious in October last year. I'm quite a worrier you see and I went on a long car journey and I went quite dizzy and it scared me and everything went downhill from then. See I used to get stomach pains, weird head sensations, nausea because I was so anxious all the time and vertigo. However, I have been recovering from it and until about three weeks ago, it had all stopped and I was really happy. I hadn't really been dizzy (vertigo), and the weird head sensations didn't really take place anymore. I've been to see various doctors about my symptoms, and I've had a blood test, urine test, and a physical examination and they've literally found nothing. I've seen an eye specialist as well because of static vision but yet again, she did a thorough 45 minute test on my eyes and found literally nothing. Recently, they've come back, like when I lie down and look at something it feels like the room is tipping, its not a dizzy feeling its just weird. I've also missed a period, I was due on 25th August, and its panicking me as well as I'm definitely not pregnant? What could this be, I really don't want the anxiety to come back, because I'm in my last year at school and cannot be dealing with that.
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I think, you need to develop your own tool kit of anxiety coping measures, and consider the medication route (eg. oxazepam/serax) as a bandaid approach for emergencies and very short term use only.  Anxiety is only very poorly dealt with through medication, I think it's important Not to come to rely on that as a crutch.

What sorts of things would be at hand in your tool kit?  Some people find that dampening their anxiety levels and avoiding it, can be achieved through:  very healthy eating (avoid or at least reduce caffeine and sugar in particular), calming routines (such as reading, puzzle books, knitting), daily meditation like quiet breaks [work at trying to keep your mind blank for say, 20 minutes], and avoiding over stimulation (embrace quiet times, try not to fill your eyes & ears with electronic stimulation).
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