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Anxiety Symptoms w/o Feeling Anxious?

Hey everyone-

For a while now I've been experiencing pain in my forearms, hands and occasionally in my shoulders.  I've had blood tests done to rule out things like Lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.  All of the tests came back normal.  Everyone (including my therapist) keeps telling me that the pain is being caused by my anxiety and I do understand that anxiety can manifest itself in countless physical ways.

BUT, here is my question: Has anyone experienced physical symptoms of anxiety even when they are NOT feeling particularly anxious?  I feel like the pain in my arms and hands is pretty constant--even when I'm NOT feeling anxious or stressed.  The pain is not severe and doesn't keep me from functioning normally, but that fact that it's there even when I'm not feeling anxious worries me.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!!
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Funny I should be just reading this.  I just posted about pain in my legs with major muscle cramps and aches even when I'm not in the middle of a highly anxious state.  They tingle, burn, ache........you name it.........muscles as well as joints.  Like you, I've had every blood test imaginable and also have had a brain MRI for MS.  I got for an EMG/NCV on Tuesday to rule out anything else.  At this point, I'm afraid I have ALS because I also am experiencing weakness.  I feel your pain, literally!!!!!  Everyone keeps telling me, the medical professional's that is, that this is related directly to my anxiety.
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this is one that puzzles me and really does my head in, as you prob no i suffer with health anxiety related to my heart, so i can just be sat watchin tv, driving, with friends and i will just get a pain out of the blue, for no reason then i get worried cause if all my tests are normal and i aint feelin anxious WHY DO I GET THE PAINS??? my therapist said its cause our brains are overly tuned into our symptoms so even though we dont feel anxious our brains keep reminding us of our worries, does that make sense?
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The pain I'm experiencing is mostly in my hands and feels more like joint pain than anything else.  But again, it will sometimes hit all over my arms and occasionally my legs.  My general physician didn't seem overly concerned about my symptoms and I personally don't feel like I've been experiencing any weakness in my limbs.  I didn't tell her how terrified I am about having a condition such as MS or ALS.  I go back for a check-up in about a week or so and plan on telling her everything to see if she thinks I need any more tests.

Good luck with your tests on Tuesday!  I hope that everything turns out okay and that you can eventually get to the bottom of what exactly is causing your physical symptoms.  Please keep me posted on how you're doing!
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