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Anxiety Symptoms

Hi All,

For last 2 years I am experiencing the following symptoms:
- Tension in my head like I am wearing ring
- When I walk -  I feel like my head goes to different direction
- Twitching/tingling all over the body
- Burning sensation all over the body but mostly on my legs
- Dimmed vision as I can see well, however it either blurred or dimmed
- Tension and pain in feet

Has anyone had those symptoms? I had head CT/MRI. visited neurologist, eyes and ears doctor, checked for sleep apnoea (very mild) - so all doctors said that nothing to be worry about and seems as it anxiety
I do not have any panic attacks (may be I am lucky), so it's hard to convince myself that anxiety only can cause those issues. Also after I read MS/Parkinson symptoms and found a lot of commonalities - that brought me down completely...

What do you think? Any help will appreciated.
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Anxiety can present with so many symptoms that it's mind boggling!  That's what makes it so hard to accept at times.  But once we've ruled out all other causes, then we either have to rule anxiety in or out.  See a psychiatrist for an evaluation and go from there.  If you read past posts you will see that many anxiety sufferers experience the same symptoms as you.  You can have anxiety without panic attacks...... one less thing to bring you down.  But there is help, and I feel you owe it to yourself to see a psychiatrist and get a professional's opinion on this.  It's just as imperative to check for anxiety as it is anything else, as anxiety can be like any other medical condition requiring daily medication to control the symptoms.  Therapy can help as well and a psychiatrist can refer you to the proper therapist.  I hope this helps and we're always here for you!
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Thanks a lot, Mammo

I will go. I just could not accept the fact that I need psychiatrist...
How can we ensure that we've been thoroughly evaluated? I realize that we cannot leave in MRI room and get there once first simple symptom hit us, however, as an example, right now I have great mood, no issue, but all of the sudden kind of burning legs...
My only consolation is that I have it for over 2 (or may be more) years and if that was some organic neurological illness  - the illness was manifests way different way, not just tingling or burning...

Do you think that was enough evaluations I've done in order to rule the serious things out?

Thanks a lot for your comments
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And one more question - does SSRI medications can remove all those physical symptoms?
Does it safe to take them as doctors does not know the real nature of the most of neurological disorders?

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