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Anxiety Symptoms?

Greetings.  I've been struggling with anxiety related to fear of being HIV positive.  I had a recent encounter that, while brief and low-risk, does pose a very minute chance that I could've become HIV+.

I've had a few tests done (RNA PCR, Rapid Profile), which at this point indicate I'm negative and while not conclusive, are good indicators that I'm not positive (my doctor said he is with "relative certainty" able to say that I do not have HIV).

Regardless, I continue to suffer from the following:

*) Sore / puffy cheeks.  It feels like my salivary glands are inflamed.
*) Burning mouth syndrome.  The roof of my mouth stings and I get a weird taste in my mouth, it tends to get worse later in the day.

The thing is, my negative test results and the low likelihood of acquisition seem to have reduced my stress, yet my symptoms persist.

My questions to others are as follows:

1) Have any of you experienced these symptoms as a result of anxiety -- particularly the sore / puffy cheeks / salivary glands?

2) How long do anxiety related symptoms generally last beyond the removal of the stress factor?

I appreciate your input.
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While I do not want to add to your anxiety, I must tell you that the symptoms that you mention are not anxiety symptoms. Anxiety feels like feeling shaky on the inside, feeling scared all the time but having no reason to feel it. Rapid heartbeat, sweaty palms, feeling that you are "losing it".(your mind)  Feeling unreal, extremely anxious.
  I'm sorry, I don't know what the symptoms that you mentioned are from but anxiety will last as long as your in the situation that is making you anxious in the first place. I would suggest getting a CBC panel done to rule out things like thyroid, etc. And try to relax until you can find out for sure.
And strive not to put yourself through this again by practicing safer sex. Good Luck to you.
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I've been through something similar this year. In January a weird sore appeared in my mouth and since it didn't heal I went to a doctor who said it could be syphilis and I was tested for syphilis and hiv. Well, both tests turned out to be negative. Also a biopsy was taken later and it was ok so the only explanation was that the sore appeared because of stress (I had a lot of problems at work).
Two weeks after the biopsy I french kissed my ex and then I got worried that what if I got hiv or syphilis from that kissing. 9 weeks after that incident I was tested, negative both, but before the tests another sore appeared in my mouth. When I got the negative test results, the sore healed.
My doctor said that no more testing was needed coz I haven't had a risk situation when it comes to hiv, and after 2 months syphilis test is conclusive.
But see, my body has a really weird ways of reacting to stress. Human mind is very powerful and can cause lots of symptoms.
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But still it would be a good idea to see a doctor, getting checked by a specialist is better than to be thinking on your own.
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Thanks.  I do plan on seeing a doctor.

So, you had an oral ulcer -- but how about sore cheeks?  It feels like I've been playing trumpet the entire day.

As for future safety, absolutely.   This experience has already changed me in that regard, no doubt.
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I have a very dry mouth and I like bite my cheeks all the time.
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