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Anxiety Symptoms.....

I've been dealing with anxiety for quite some time.  But how do you know the diff. Between anxiety or a real symptom.  I've been getting a kind of weakish like feeling an it really worries me.  Does anyone else experience this symptom?!  What helps??
Thanks for listening!
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anxiety is horrible it causes a lot of trips to er every year I have had it for years if ur breathing /walking/talking/ ur probly ok panic attacks make u feel week also
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Anxiety can cause hyper-vigilance for threats, including those to the body.  Fortunately for you, weakish-feeling isn't one of them.  See a doctor about your anxiety, and get into counseling.  You can also read about anxiety online, just google it. :)
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I'm sorry but I don't understand exactly what you mean....are you saying that the weakish feeling is not anxiety?  Don't mean to be bothersome I just don't understand.
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I do not believe the weakness is from anxiety.  But I'm not a doctor.  It could be an indication of another problem.  Please see your doctor.
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in anxiety you could have every illness known to man  but there not real , They feel real has the actual illness and it fools many doctors , MY old man was in and out hospital for gut trouble all his life. nobody ever found a thing wrong with him , he was old school and would not take any tablet or med. He went into a nursing home for his last few years and they slipped anti depressants in his food , soon he had no problems at all and I actually seen him smile for the first time in his life .
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I totally agree anxiety can make you have numerous symptoms!  Unfortunately, I am paranoid about my health and constantly afraid their is something medically wrong with me :(  I just wish I didn't get all the weird feelings because it makes me automatically think the worst case possible.  Today, my anxiety has been horrible, my face is hot an flushed...of course Im thinking their is something bad wrong an want to run to the doctor...
Thanks for your response!
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