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Hello, i have been suffering with flare ups of my seborrheic dermatitis and a dry mouth. I cannot decipher whether the dry mouth is real or i am just perceiving that i am suffering with said symptom. However, the seb derm flare up is a very real physical symptom. Can anxiety/stress manifest itself in this manner?

I have been worrying chronically about a potential HIV exposure and i recently had an important exam.

Any response/advice would be appreciated, thanks.

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Are you on any meds?  Dry mouth is one of the most common symptoms of most of the meds we take.  If you have that skin condition, it's unlikely to be caused by anxiety as it's a fungal infection and you can't invent a fungus in your mind, but you can if you're anxious enough all the time and don't sleep well and don't eat well lower your immune system that fights off fungal infections.  If you've taken antibiotics regularly for this, it makes it much more likely to recur, so that's also a factor.  Those antibiotics can also cause dry mouth.  Not everything is anxiety, but it does make everything worse.
By the way, there might be natural ways to fight this skin condition.  If you can afford it, you might try consulting a professional who practices natural medicine if you don't know anything about it.  Your skin might be too oily because of dietary habits.  If you've taken a lot of meds for it, it kills off the parts of the immune system that fights these things and makes it more likely they will come back repeatedly.  Sometimes recurrent skin conditions is a sign of something in your liver that your taking in that is being excreted by the body to protect you from it through the skin.  Lots of possibilities if doctors aren't fixing this for you.
The skin condition first occurred after an intense bout of stress and anxiety a  couple years ago, i occasionally use Daktacort on it. It only arose again after a long period of no stress and then all of a sudden a huge spike of stress over a HIV scare. I have been stressed/anxious every day for over  a month, i dont sleep well and my diet is poor by my own admittance. I am not on any meds for anxiety, no.
Are you in therapy for the anxiety and sleep problems?  Do you do any relaxation techniques?  Have you tried anything for the sleep problem, such as low dose melatonin or mild relaxants such as valerian or chamomile?  Do you exercise regularly so you get tired?  Tried meditation?  As I said, lots of possibilities out there.
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