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Anxiety Symptoms?

Hello- I'm new here and wondering if there is anyone out there to help me.
My father was diagnosed with ALS 4 wks after my daughter was born in July of '05. I went into extreme depression (sarafem and xanax helped). I had severe anxiety that actually comes and goes. I only use 1 xanax at night maybe twice a week for sleeping purposes. I am currently not on any antidepressants.

My question is I starting in September I the anxiety came back and got so much worse during the holidays. Along with the anxious, pry me off the ceiling feeling, I have muscle twitches and feel so weak and it's difficult for me to talk. I did, for the first time, start becoming 'addicted' to Caribou coffee and Diet Coke! Could the muscle twitching be from the anxiety and caffeine?  

I have been coffee free for 5 days and only had 1 diet coke (as opposed to 6-7) per day for 5 days now and I think the twitching has diminished.

Twitching from anxiety and caffeine?  or shall I look into the ALS issue in my family?
Thank you in advance.
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Not ruling out anxiety. But thinking maybe Chronic Fatigue? Not sure if you could look up the symptoms of that anywhere. They are a bit similar. Did read somewhere that calcium, for about 3 or 4 days, can stop the twitching. No idea if this is true or not. As it is not a problem I have myself. Others might have better knowledge on this matter. I am just the first to see it. So wait a few hours and you might get better answers.
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You can definitely get twitching from anxiety but you can also get it from a lot of caffeine.  One of the main recommendations for people with anxiety is NO CAFFEINE period.  Once you're totally off of it, if you still get the twitching and stuff, that can certainly be anxiety.  However, I'd  follow-up with your physician to check you out just in case there are other issues that are causing it.

I am simply suggesting based on symptoms of anxiety that I get.
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Thanks for your response! What symptoms do you get? I have noticed in the past week with no caffeine the twitching tapers and with a Xanax, I don't notice it much at all. Is that common? If you have muscle twitching would Xanax help with this?
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