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Does anybody think that anxiety could present itself with same symptoms as Meniere's Disease?  Doctor diagnosed me with Meniere's, but after I had normal ENG, he now knows it's not Menieres.  
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what are your symptoms?
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Hi Bambi,

Yep anxiety can make you feel the same way as Meneires BUT so can a condition called labyrinthitis and benign paroxysmal vertigo. Both can cause vertigo and nausea if those are the symptoms you are referring too.

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My symptoms are dizzy, lightheaded, bouncy feeling as I walk, off balance, nervous/jittery, can't go into stores or shopping because I feel like I will pass out, zaps/shocks in brain?, problems with eyes-like they are not getting enough O2, eyes shaky, things don't look real when I look at them, I feel like I'm out of place, not sleeping at nights, can't drive, can't concentrate or focus.  I have been to several ENT's and they have done an ENG and those things are normal.  I rarely get nauseated.  I feel the vertigo feeling constantly.  These symptoms last 24/7 and only get better if I take a Xanax.  That is the ONLY medication I take right now.  I just always feel weird, like I don't belong here and like I'm looking at the world thru someone elses eyes.  It's hard to explain.  I am VERY sensitive to light and noise.  It can be the slightest noise.   Like talking on the phone, my own voice, chewing-those things adjitate (sp?) me.  It feels like it runs all thru the nerves in my head.  ENT's don't think it's inner ear problems.  My eyes are the most bothersome.  Like something is wrong with the nerves behind my eyes.  Can anxiety do this to you?  
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Lord I hope it's anxiety because that's how I feel and I'm treating it like anxiety.

Sometimes it feels like my feet are going an extra 3-4 inches into the floor, you know?  Like I'm trying to plant my foot but it's planting too early (still in the air).  Is that like your "bouncy" feeling?  I don't get the severe bouncy feeling all the time, but probably about 2-3 times a week and only at work.

1979 was a good year
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That was one of my first diagnosis....it wasn't right though.
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What have you been finally been diagnosed with?  Are you doing any better?
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What are you taking for yours?

Yes, that's the bouncy feeling i'm talking about.  Except for I feel like that ALL the time when I'm out.  It feels like the same thing is going on in my head too?!?!

1979 was a good year, I have a twin sister also!!

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Does your twin have anxiety too?

I won't say it's good that you have that bouncy feeling but I'm glad I'm not the only one.  It truly is a very weird feeling, sometimes I have to hold onto the wall while I'm walking when I feel that way.

I don't really have anything for my anxiety other than lorazepam as needed.  It would be really nice if I could take it every day since that's the only thing I've tried (medication-wise) that makes me feel pretty good.  As it is I only take it maybe once every other week, and I'm trying to get that down too.  For instance last night I really could have used one but I didn't take one.

I also have a beta blocker (metoprolol) that was prescribed last week but I haven't started it yet, I am doing pretty good with therapy and self-help and I'd rather not take any more drugs.  It was an SSRI (paxil) that initiated my first panic attack so I don't want to take anything, I'm kind of scared that way I guess.  So I'm giving it another 3-4 weeks with just therapy and reading some good books and we'll see what happens from there.  If I do decide to use these beta blockers I'm going to need a refill on my lorazepam because I'm already scaring myself over taking those beta blockers. :(  Stupid anxiety.
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Still really do not have a diagnosis...my doctor calls me an emigma.  A whole lot of weird symptoms but no real condition found.....this has lead to anxiety.  I took prozac for a week but my stomach has been so bad I  (with my doc's permission) have decided to stop.  I do have GERD and gastroparesis.  I apparently look like a healthy 37 year old women to most people but don't feel like it.

Oh, forgot to mention....I do have an eye muscle disorder which can cause some of the symptoms you describe.  I think it is called superior oblique palsy.  They tell me i can have surgury on my eye muscle to help it but i don't think i will.  I initally went to ENT's and got nowhere, then i read somewhere that dizziness is not always an inner ear thing  the eyes have a lot to do with it too.
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The drs. don't think it's just the anxiety that is causing all of your symptoms?
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They think it contributes but I do have gastoparesis that was diagnosed on a gastric emptying study and they don't think that is caused by anxiety, it certainly doesn't help it though.  The esophagitis I have is both as a result of reflux, the gastroparesis and the anxiety.  They have found physiologic things wrong with me but no reason for them to be happening.  At one time I had urinary retention (couldn't empty my bladder)  They did scans and couldn't find a reson for it.  After 9mo to a year that went away and another sx started.  They have done MRI's of my brain and spine to look for MS but didn't find any lesions.  I just keep hoping that these sx'x will go away as have the other ones.  

Going to try and make it through work today....I had to leave early Tues and spent yesterday in bed.  Maybe the prozac was making me feel so sick?  i hope I have a better day.  I'm very weak from not eating much.  Hope you have a good day.

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No, I don't imagine all those other things going on would help much.  I had the same problems with urinary retention and they were never able to find a reason for mine either.  Mine also finally went away after a couple of months.  I've had all the MRI's done and 2 spinal taps done to look for MS and those were all normal.  All bloodwork has come back normal, so I started thinking maybe all these symptoms are caused from anxiety and depression.  I hope so anyways.  I just want to be normal again.  

I do hope you feel better today.  I only took prozac for a couple of days, so I'm not sure how it makes you feel?  You need to eat something though, that only adds to feeling bad!!  You are in my prayers.

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