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Anxiety Symptoms?

25 male. So, if you have read my posts below, I have had lower back pain for about 12 days, and its getting better, if not almost completely gone. I think it was strained muscles from mowing 3 lawns in 2 days with a push mower. I mow my grass all the time, but have never done 3 back to back. lol. That probably is the best explanation for my lower back pain. I guess the good news is that its getting MUCH MUCH better. Almost gone.

The thing is, is that when I got it, it was so bad at first that it freaked me out... causing me to have anxiety, b/c with me... I start to think of the worst scenerio... "Is it a tumor in there?" "Is it my kidneys?" "Is it lyme disease?" I think this is what started my anxiety... Even though, my back is feeling better, I'm still having the anxiety... which is wierd. Because as my back feels fine now, why would I still have anxiety?

Here are my symptoms:

Rapid Heart Rate
A little bit of worry feeling in my gut, here and there, not bad.
Shaky arms and sometimes legs.
Hard time sleeping.
Dry Mouth (anyone experience this?)
No appetite (this is weird, b/c I will feel hungry at times, and when I am and it's time to decide what to eat... nothing looks good nor sounds good... So I havnt been eating well the past couple of days. Just been making myself eat fruit and stuff that goes down easy.)

Are these just symptoms of anxiety? And do you think I will get over this? And most importantly do you think my appetite will eventually come back?

Thanks guys!
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Obviously you have seen a doctor? You said that in the gardening thread. Have you described everything in this thread to your doctor? If you did he would have made up his mind on what he thought was wrong with you and probably would have giving you some medication to take? Or are been so nice and telling us first before you let your doctor in on the secret? Yes they are all common symptoms of anxiety. But you may need a little help in getting over them. Hence doctor first and us later. We are not doctors. We can't send you for tests to rule out anything medical. Then decide it is all just anxiety. We are just people on a forum.
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I agree with Mr. Green. Go to your doctor.

That being said, yes I have had all of those symptoms when dealing with my anxiety. In fact, most of them poked their ugly heads out last night as we were getting tornado warning after tornado warning. I'm a Caligirl...throw an earthquake my way and I can handle it, but tell me there is a 90 mph wind tunnel of death blowing toward the house my babies are sleeping in and I go into full panic mode.

Thank God thats all over. Anyway try to get your mind off of all your "symptoms". The more you focus one them and make a list of them all, the more you will find. If you go to my page and look in my journals I have listed several breathing exercises that really helped me when my heart started to race. Again try not to focus so much on it, try going for a walk, watch some TV, play a game. Different things work for different people, but for me I just had to get my mind off of it, it will control you otherwise.

Please keep us updated and let us know what the doc says =)

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The Dr. treated me last year with anxiety. And this is kind of how I felt... just not as bad this time around. He had me on lexapro and ativan. I weened off of all that... and was back to my old self for 4 months!!! Then after my back incident.. I just kinda went in a downward spiral with this anxiety.

Now I can remember back when my anxiety first came on... I couldnt eat for Days!!! I lost almost 5lbs. He told me that my appetite WOULD come back... and it did!!! So I just need to remember that. It's my nerves that are making me like this. I've done this to myself. I'll get better, I know I will.

I'm sure my body will just wake up one moring and I'll feel great. It's happened in the past and I'm sure it will happen again.

I remember when I didnt have an appetite for a long time... there was just one day where I saw a taco my wife made... and I just scarfed that puppy up like I hadnt eaten for days. I just gotta remember that.

Thanks for listening!!

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