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Anxiety Symptoms?

Hi I think I have Anxiety but I am wondering if these are The Symptoms of it? Fear of Dieing,reasuring does not help me feel better,Dizziness,A feeling of not being with my Body,and Tiredness all the time.

I have been given Anxiety Tablets to take from Tomorrow,hopefully they will work.I hope I have anxiety,which then would explain my problems.
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The Anxiety Tablets are Beta Blockers,Hopefully they will work.

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Some of the systems you are saying you have I have aswell, and I have anxiety issues.
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Beta Blockers are normally given for palpitations and high blood pressure and you did not describe these syptoms in your message.  The Beta Blockers will calm your heart rate and reduce the blood pressure but do not expect them to miraculously "cure" your anxiety as they are not necessarily the typical "anxiety" med I have heard mentioned here.

Perhaps though you became anxious because of the palpitations and blood pressure, in which case it will make you feel better.

Sorry, I'm not making much sense here, what I am trying to say is that once the meds work for your physical symtoms hopefully you will feel less "stressed" and can work on your anxiety.  You came to the right forum, there's lots of good advice in many of the threads, please take the time to read them and see how everyone copes.  Medication is a part of the equation, also being able to talk with a professional could help, good exercise, good diet, calmer life style, relaxation tapes, biofeedback, postive thinking etc etc.

Good luck.
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Like you I had the fear of Dying but not the other symptoms. However everyones anxiety symptoms are different and what you have are common symptoms of anxiety. If you wan't just browse the posts, this reassures you and hopefully it will help you calm down. Take care.
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anxiety symptoms for everyone can be very diff and bizzare.  If you think it is anxiety, it prolly is.  There are so many kinds of body symptoms, its crazy.  The best advise is to seek meds and therapy and always try to stay positive because we do it to ourselves.  It is all about the way you think and react to things.  You are in total control.
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I have Palpations,but my Blood Pressure is fine.

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