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Anxiety Therapy and Medication

Just a random thought.  Should you go through therapy while on medication or not? I ask because I am seeing a psychologist next week to try and put a stop to my anxiety and my primary doctor wants me to start on Sertraline(Zoloft) and stop my Ativan.  I was curious because I was wondering if you should be experiencing some anxiety (even though it's a terrible feeling) while going through therapy so you can learn how to challenge it and beat.  I'm afraid that the meds will only cover up my anxiety and while I'm going through therapy I will feel better but won't know for sure if it's the meds working or if I truly am better.  I know I need some medication to keep me calm because lately I couldn't function while waiting for my appointment.  Any thoughts or experiences with this?
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I am a very big proponent of medication as long as it is combined with talk therapy.  There are many studies that reference the use of the two concurrently sets you up with the most chances of success.  In my experience with this, the medication is going to allow you to confront and learn about your anxiety with a level head, so I would not be worried about medication covering up your anxiety in respects to hindering your progress during counseling.  In fact, I believe it will have the opposite effect. I believe it will actually help with your progress confronting it.  Keep us posted!
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I wondered the same thing, but it seems more likely you'll do better confronting your anxiety when you're thinking more clearly, which the medicine will help with.  I know its not always easy to be rational when my anxiety is out of control, the medicine definitely helps that (I have also just been put on zoloft, switching from xanax) Good luck!
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Thanks for the input! I'm relatively new to this and have a lot of questions. I have just been put on zoloft and atarax and taken of ativan.  I'm eagerly waiting to start therapy next Tuesday and start the process of putting this all behind me.  Good luck to you as well JM517 and let me know how you do on the zoloft.
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