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Anxiety While Driving

Has anyone out there overcome driving anxiety? Last November I was traveling alone by car from Ohio to Alabama. On my way into Alabama I stopped to try a 5 hour energy drink for the first time amd have neen paying for it every since. About 5 minutes after ingesting I became severly shaky and dizzy. I immediately pulled over on the interstate to recollect. Long story short I've been battling anxiety every since. Mainly while driving. Has anyone out there experienced dizziness while driving from anxiety? My doctor is trying to convince mw to take Wellbutrin because he says I need to increase the serotonin in my brain......hmmmmmmm any success stories out there?
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I commented on your other post about the drinks too. It does sound like you had a panic attack to me. If you have one you can be afraid of having another one and that creates a vicious cycle of worry. You also had the panic attack while driving so you want to avoid driving because you're afraid you'll have another panic attack if you do drive. Are you seeing the vicious cycle here? Oh, your Dr wants to put you on Wellbutrin for anxiety? I can not tell you what to do but I can tell you that this is one of the more stimulating meds and I've found that it can actually make anxiety worse. It can work great if you only have depression but not so well if you have anxiety. You may want to talk to your Dr about another med that does help with anxiety. I know some of the other wonderful members here will give you their experience with Wellbutrin and maybe recommend another med to help with your anxiety. Have you thought about trying therapy first. Or, are you already in therapy?
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