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Background Story
i was in Spain like 8 years ago and my dog died while i was on holiday and i was really upset then i came back of holiday then like a couple of months later i went to the supermarket with my mum then i started feeling anxious so i went to sit in the car while she was shopping then i ending up running back into the because i felt like i was dying which in turn was just anxiety then i was on and off having panic for like 5-6 month then they went away or i over came them but then i went to secondary school and half way in year 10 my friend died from meningitis then after that i counld'nt go back into school for a while because i was just scared of going to school then i went in for my exams and that was it and i finished school in year 11.but now i go to college and i went for the first year and did fine all the way till we had a long Christmas break and then my anxiety got worse again and then i couldn't go back to college but now i am doing my second year at college and i was fine at the start but the last 4 weeks have been hard becuase i use to skip college sometimes and play xbox with mates but now whenever i have like a break from college it makes it worse for my anxiety but now if i try go to college now i cant i cant go on public transport and i feel like i can't walk to college i just need someone to drop me off but then i am still have panic attacks at college.

My Problem Now

i just have trouble with everything like when i play xbox i still get panic attacks and i  feel like i am manual breathing and if i stop manual breathing i am gunna stop breathing and i just want these bad thoughts in my head to stop so i can get my life back i just need tips on how to calm down from someone that has beaten anxiety because i am ready to beat it and get my life back but i just dont know how to because i dont believe half of the info that i am told because i just think negatively.

like tips on getting to sleep , health diet i am not fat i am fit because i did a lot of sports when i was younger but now i just eat bad foods and snack and drink pop all the time.also i need like good things to do because i just sit in the house on my Xbox and that is not helping.

i would consider taking anxiety medication but i am worried that it might interfere with my asthma medication because when i have like one wheeze noise from my chest it just makes my have a panic attack like i am in fear of dying witch is because of anxiety

just please help me and tips are greatly appreciated
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Before you try meds have you tried therapy with a therapist who specializes in anxiety treatment?  That's the place to start.  As for doing things you know aren't good for you, that's what depression and anxiety do to us but anytime you want to do what's best for yourself there's nothing holding you back but yourself and the way you're thinking about things.  That's what therapy will work on.
okay thanks very much
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