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Anxiety about being followed by a car

I was recently chased by a car due to accidentally cutting them off when I tried to make a right-hand turn in the intersection. It was around my neighborhood where I do a lot of driving. The car followed me around me neighborhood for a least 5 minutes. Now, I'm afraid to go out because I don't know if that driver is looking for my car to retaliate! It was an honest mistake on my part that I cut them off, I made a bad decision while driving. I'm just afraid I made the wrong person upset, and now I put myself into a situation where I'm in danger! Especially since the incident was around where I live, and around where I drive a lot. I didn't have my cell phone with me, so I couldn't call the police. They also had no front plate so I couldn't get a number. Am I overreacting? I feel debilitated by the fear that something bad is going to happen to me! You hear of too many people getting shot and killed for things like this! What should I do? Any help would be great because I'm going nuts!
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That is unnerving and dont blame you for being a bit intimated. I dont think the average person would hold a grudge that long but you never know. Just stay alert and keep a pen handy to write down the tag if you see them again. Also maybe carry some protection with you. Down here in florida the gun laws are very flexable and getting a concealed weapons permit is not a big deal. Just need to take a test on gun safty. I carry my 380 with me at all times. Maybe get your concealed permit as is always good to be able to protect your self. Im not saying become a vigilanty but i feel you have a much easier state of mind if you knew that help was a reach away.
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I can completely understand your fears and concerns. Our world is, sadly, not filled with random acts of kindness, but random acts of violence. We hear about these horrible things on a daily basis and it's impossible, and not a little naive, to think they couldn't happen to us. Road rage is rampant and "giving the finger" just isn't enough for too many people.
While you were VERY smart NOT drive to your home, which is a really dangerous move in this situation, I would like to suggest that, God forbid, this ever happens to you again, drive straight to the nearest police station or stop the first police car you see by flashing your lights, honking your horn and waving frantically out the window. The person following you will undoubtably leave the area, but at least YOU will be safe, and it's possible the officer MAY have seen the car that was following you
It is important to try and get the license number, but in many states, you don't have to have a plate on the front. I personally think that law should be changed. If you can't see the plate, do your best to get the make, model and color of the car and anything else that could help identify it. Try to get a look at the driver, even a very general description could help......such as "it was an older man with glasses..........a young man with long dark hair........a woman with short blond hair........they were alone or there was more than one person in the car."
Never leave home without a fully charged cell phone. The instant you realize someone is following you, call 911. Get onto the busiest street you can, but NOT a freeway. The 911 operator will stay on the line with you and tell you what to do until the police get there. Make sure you know your own license plate number!
I know from personal experience how extremely difficult it is to stay calm when you think there might be some psycho following you, but you only need tell the police that you fear for your life and trust me, there will soon be more than one cop car around you.
As for the fear that remains, the dread that this person KNOWS who you are or where you live, that they will be watching for your car and waiting........fear for your family, I think these are pretty normal feelings, but they are also the feelings of a "victim." (Which to a certain extent you were) but if you allow these feelings to overwhelm you, cause you to change how you live your life or instill fear in your children, then you need to get some help to keep this in perspective. I know it was scary. You had every right to be afraid and I know it seems unfair that YOU may be one who needs to seek therapy..........but while you may rightfully feel like a victim, the one thing you can't allow this A*hole to do to you is make you LIVE like a victim!
As for the above posters advice, I don't want this to turn into a debate about guns. I firmly believe people have the right to own and bear arms. My husband and I have guns and rifles in our home. We have them not only for sport, but protection. I'm just a bit wary about everyone rushing out to get a concelaed weapons permit. I don't believe it's come to THAT just yet.
If you are still nervous, you could arrange for a police officer to come to a neighborhood watch type meeting to discuss this situation. And if you don't have a strong neighborhood watch already in place, this would be the perfect time to organize one.
I'm sorry this happened to you. It really shakes you up, doesn't it? But you can turn that fear in a very positive direction.
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