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Anxiety about drugs

As I have been stuggling with anxiety on and off the past couple of years, I become obsessive with certain thoughts after they've been put into my head.  My latest is about some drugs I did about 10 years ago.  I did ecstasy a few times and some other stuff.  Well somebody put the idea in my head that I could actually start tripping out like I took the drug later down the line.  Okay I am totally freaking out, can this really happen?  I having such bad anxiety as soon as I started to think about this and research about it.  Also, is it possible I got the anxiety from this or was I bound to be an anxious person either way??  This first time I expereinced any anxiety at all wasn't even til six years later anyway and it was triggered from a number of things my doctor said-like caffeine, diet pills, pot, and an overactive thyroid at the time!  I promised myself I wouldn't google anything because it usually makes it so much worse but I did and all this information is scaring the heck out of me-i'd be fine if I never even looked anything up!
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From what i have heard from people who have taken these types of drugs the one that can give you flashbacks types trips are from the drug LSD, ive not heard it doing that with ecstacy.  Either way 10 years is a long time and i guess if you haven't had a 'trip' by now you anit gona.  Taking these highly stimulant drugs can alter your brains chemistry so that you become more vunerable to anxiety disorders and may take time to develop.  So now you need to take precaustions and change your lifestyle.... instead of drinking coffee drink herbal teas, do relaxation classes, meditation classes, invest in a gym pass so you can exercise which will decrease anxiety and eat healthly, stay away from processed, additive laden foods which will cause toxitity within your body and aid your anxiety further and make sure you have a decent nights sleep.  Set up a routine for yourself and litterally draw out a timetable of what you will do eachday and stick to it.

Soon enough you will start to feel better and also you will realise you don't have the time to sit and worry about this issue, you'll feel stronger and be more healthy in general.
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Hey hun... I to did these drugs in the past, my anxiety came on 2 years after i stopped class a's, and whilst i was smoking pot! Was roughly a year after i had my first child! I stopped the pot, but my anxiety was still there..

I have a fear of meds so badly, and that is not helping my anxiety at all.  

Now When you get an anxiety attack to you feel like your high on drugs? Do you get paranoid that someone has some how spiked you and thats why your feeling is if your high on drugs again? Is that what you mean? I do and it is not nice, BUT the way people feel with an anxiety attack, is if they are on drugs, every thing is bright, looks different etc etc. That is an anxiety attack which can resemble taking an E.. (my physcologist (sp) explained this to me)... Which i am sure is the way you feel with your anxiety attacks, or are they panick attacks that you get? Symptoms come on like you cant breath, racing heart etc etc ? There is a difference! Weird i know!

But there is no way on this earth you will actually be pilling if you have not took anything.. Our minds are powerfull things...

Hope i have helped, feel free to message me ;-)
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Stop worrying, you're fine.  You may have had this anxiety all along, it can show up at any point in your life.  I'm sure reading all the stuff on the internet is not helping.  An over-active thyroid causes anxiety, so I think your doctor is right-on with his thinking.  Count your blessings that you survived the drugs, put all this behind you and concentrate on what is.  You're young, learn how to live your life with as little stress as possible.  If you aren't able to stop obcessing over this, get into therapy where you can learn how to do this.  Obcessing over this will make you sick, so put a period on that part of your life and move on.  It's over, you're fine, put it to rest and start enjoying yoyr life.
Take care....
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