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Anxiety after having SVT

Anxiety is something that i have recently developed. About a year a go i had a server attack of SVT and i was operated on 2 days later! It was the first time i had ever experienced anything like SVT. Since then i always wake up in the middle of the night shaking and crying thinking im having SVT put when i check my pulse its completely normal usually between 60-80 beats per minute. I have mentioned this to my cardiologist and he said he would refer me to a psychologist? I feel everything, every ache, every skipped heart beat, every fluctuation everything to the point where all i can hear and feel is my heat beating almost thumping in my chest! Im so afraid to leave the house or go anywhere alone i avoid everything and its really affecting my social and academic life and i really dont know what to do :( has anyone who had SVT experienced anything like this? Its literally taking over my life! Im in need of help!
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