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Anxiety after having general anesthesia

. I recently had a procedure where I was put under general anesthesia and they shocked my heart into a normal rhythm. I have been having mini panic attacks  since then. Until now, my Anxiety has been under control. I was wondering if this is a side effect of the anesthesia? Can anyone help with this?
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Hi there, I am sure it is possible that anesthesia could make you a bit anxious afterwards but more than likely it is not from that as it would have worn off and definitely by now. You may want to think as to when the anxiety started. Did it start when you were told they had to shock you or when you first woke up? Some people have bad reactions to anesthesia but that’s mostly in coming out of it. I think this is mostly due to having a bad experience and maybe continuing to think about it. For myself, whenever I am sick or otherwise I will over focus on the symptoms. Hopefully this helps. Take care
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