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Anxiety after stress

In a span of 9 months I moved in with my boyfriend, got engaged, got married, moved out of state, bought a house, disowned my alcoholic mother and father and started a new job. Buying a house was probably the most stressful thing I have ever done. I have the greatest husband in the world and have so much to be thankful for.
Driving out of state to our new house I had an extreme panic attack (this was in November). Ever since than I haven't been able to "kick anxiety". The doctor prescribed me Lexapro which I had a HORRIBLE reaction to.
I am constantly fixated on "how am I feeling" "what if" "when will this go away".
A side note: I was feeling positive about anxiety and started exercising consistently, Than I changed my birth control from ortho tri cyclen to an IUD called skyla. Skyla made me a miserable crying mess. I had the gyno take it out. Now I am on nothing (for a week).
Another doctor prescribed me Paxil which I didn't take. I don't want to be on meds. I have SO much to be thankful for and this is so frustrating. I need positive stories and advice! Any natural vitamins  I can take?
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What you're experiencing is totally normal, you're just adjusting to a bunch of huge life changes! I take omega 3s, vitamin B complex, and magnaseim which help a ton with my anxiety / depression.
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Thanks so much for your post!!! I needed to hear that.  I keep trying to be patient until the anxiety subsides but it is so frustrating sometimes, especially because its been 3 months!!
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Any major changes, even if they're good changes, can be very stressful.
Paxil can be a great med for some of us but if you can keep your anxiety under control yourself that's always best in my opinion. Have you though about therapy? It can really help you deal with any unresolved issues and teach you coping skills for your anxiety.
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Yes. I've been to 3 weeks of therapy so far, and I bought the book "anxiety and phobia workbook". My anxiety is defiantly subsiding. It's just such a slow process and I'm so impatient . I just need to find a way to stop thinking about it so much!! Ugh. I wish someone would tell me an exact date on when my brain will be back to normal.
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It can take awhile and you're making progress. That's a really good thing. Hang in there with the therapy. It really does help so much.
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