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Anxiety again - how to overcome

I had anxiety issues 8 years ago where i was thinking i had a major disease. Had severe reflux, preeoccupied mind , constant clearing of throat , chills and sweats etc . Again now i am experiencing the same mostly reeflux and horrible time during early morning and bad taste i  mouth - reason i am planning to move to a different country from india and i have accepted the offer etc but now feel very strange if i can sustain there and manage the family , any suggestions on how to overcome and any medication to control the reflux part etc ?
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Anxiety is one thing.  Reflux, though, is another.  That is usually a dietary problem.  For some it's caused by lying down too soon after eating.  For some it's not chewing your food thoroughly.  For some it's the food you're eating.  Medication doesn't control this very healthfully because it suppresses stomach acid, and you need that to digest protein and minerals.  My own experience is that changing how you eat and when you eat, plus using natural remedies works better.  Those include aloe vera juice, DGL (a safer form of an old Indian standby, licorice), peppermint oil enteric coated capsules, slippery elm, and others.  Before you leave, know any ayurvedic practitioners you can see?
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I meant to add, for the anxiety I'd try therapy, and depending on where you're moving to, it might be easier to find that where you're going than in India, where you're more likely to be put on not only medication but a lot of medication.
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