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Anxiety all day and night!

Hi all, I have anxiety for the 10 years off and on. I just recently started having anxiety out of nowhere. My symptoms are , pain all over chest and back ( I do have costiocondritis ) heart palpitations frequently, feeling light headed thru out the day and just feel I'm mentally here anymore. I had an stress test about a year ago, came back normal, as I am typing this I'm feeling dizzy. I went to the ER two days ago just too make sure I have I'm not having heart problems. They did an EKG, chest x-ray, two types of blood test, and all came back normal, so it's just anxiety. For some reason, I just think they missed something. So, does anyone have constant anxiety all day?? I use too be on paxil cr 12.5, I havnt needed it for many years, but I do need it, but I don't want that horrible start up symptoms again!! I'm just tired Of beeing out breath, heart palpitations, pain . I'm so scared too walk up the stairs and having sex, I just run out of breath and my heart just races. I just needed to get this out off my chest, my wife doesnt understand how I feel, it's just weird feeling. Ty for listening!!
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Hello!!! Your exactly like me (well kind of) I worry all day, have chest and back pains all day, it's horrendous! Even when I'm going to sleep and I feel myself going off I feel like my hearts skipped a beat! I'm scared to exercise incase I keel over, I've had countless ECG's and tests and I'm fit and healthy, but cannot help but wonder if they've missed something...I've been googleing symptoms of a heart attack and completely assured myself I'm having a heart attack...

I tell this to people and people think I'm mad? no one gets it unless they have been through it themselves, which is understandable, it's hard to explain!!! Let's face it the amount of tests we've had its near impossible to have missed something, but these pains are horrid and anxiety is horrible to go through! Mines led to depression, I used to be a confident, bubbly university student, now I dare not to do anything! I'm terrified of being alone!!! I know I haven't helped much I just want to say your not alone!!! Hope your ok! THINKING OF YOU KEEP STRONG!!! :)

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Hey bcamden914, Im feeling the exact same way, except my heart dont race no more but im still constantly worried about it.  I have the same back and chest pains, and the same weird feeling that im dizzy and mentally not all there, like not reality or in a fog.  I do know that its just anxiety and i know that nothing is physically wrong with me other than high blood pressure because like you i have had every test under the sun and they all came back ok.  i know how your feeling and i wish i had the answer on how to stop this, but it takes time and positive thinking, and eventually you will be back to normal. Good luck!  By the way any ideas on how to stop the circle of thoughs about heart and health?
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It is driving me crazy! I'm a little better at home, but still afraid too exercise, climb our stairs and even having sex!! I'm in constant fear of dying from an heart attack. When I'm at work or in the public, my anxiety is in hyper drive, I'm an restaurant manager. Saturday night we had UFC fight night, I was having palpitations , dizzy spells , I was loosing my mind!!!! I need to get myself back to normal, if there is such an thing, I might have break down and go on paxil cr or try something else. I was on paxil cr for a year or so, but when I was feeling good, I slowly winged myself off, that week or so when I fianally stopped, it was HELL, withdrawal symptoms were a nightmare! Ty guys for responding !
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