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Anxiety all day

Hey guys, have any of you all had this felling Like you can't relax for the hold day. Well this started lastnight about around 11pm I start feeling a little strange in my head like I can't relax. Feels like my body is trembling slightly, and my mind is racing. I've been dealing with anxiety issues for about 3 to 4 years now had it under control, came off of medz (zoloft) that really helped, but now anxiety is back with a new bang. Ive never had this symptom before so I'm wondering if anyone els been going through the same thing. Please let me know because it have me feeling like I'm going crazy. Thanks
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I have felt like this for years. I remember sitting the balcony (cruise ship) with delicious breakfast and there i am sitting forward all tensed up.  I had to force myself to relax back (which didn't last long lol). So in hindsight i have had low magnesium levels for many years and didn't know it.

My condition worsened to a severe magnesium deficiency and finally i found out the problem online a few months ago. Doctors didn't have a clue. Symptoms were numerous but a few were major anxiety seeing the doctor (i've seen numerous doctors for decades with no problem), painful bladder, tremors, severe heart rhythm problems, extremely cold feet, hallucinations, brain fog/cognitive issues, shortness of breath..i could go on. :)

I now sit back and relax..bout time..my cruise was in 2000. :)
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Wow so what kind of diet did u go on and how did they know that was the problem
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I did my own doctoring to figure this out. My PTH levels were low as was my calcium levels (calcium and PTH are like a seesaw - if one is up the other should be down). Well one of the causes of low PTH and calcium together is magnesium deficiency (causing hypoparathyroidism).  I had vitamin D resistance, years of trying to boost vitamin D levels that only went up very minimally.  My symptoms had worsened after surgery (a cause of magnesium deficiency) and then i unknowingly worsened my magnesium deficiency taking prolonged high doses of vitamin D to try and get my levels up (depletes magnesium too). *sigh* :)

Well i was convinced i had a magnesium deficiency state along with my numerous symptoms. I could of gone to the doctors but i did read magnesium deficiency may not be picked up and my doctor was thinking i was a hypochondriac by this stage as all my tests are "normal". I decided to go out and buy chelated magnesium supplements.  Within the first week my bladder pain had improved 50%.  Within three month all magnesium deficiency symptoms vanished without a trace. I went back and told the doctor that my symptoms i had complained about was due to magnesium deficiency. She nodded and said yes magnesium deficiency causes those symptoms. Uhhh yeah could she have told me that a few years back. ha!
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Lol wow that's great I'm glad u found out what was cause all your symptoms, you should probably take r keep taking multi vitamins, because when u focus on one and not the other, I think thats where your problem came from. I know it maybe a long list of symptoms but I would mind hearing them.
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What you're describing is an elevated stress or anxiety level, and it's a normal physical reaction to consistent stress or in response to an anxiety disorder. As Red Star shows, some symptoms have a physical root cause, and some can have mental; there's no way to truly tell without a physical exam by a medical professional, as well as an evaluation by a mental health professional trained in diagnostics or in dealing with anxiety.  There's no reason to assume anything when dealing with anxiety; we already suffer from a disorder that has a high level of interplay between physical and mental effects. You may be dealing with a physical issue, a mental one, or both. None of these are unusual. If you haven't spoken to an anxiety specialist yet, I would ask your doctor to refer you. Being armed with information is also a wonderful treatment for anxiety!

Finally, if you're physically able, exercise is still the #1 most effective treatment for anxiety. A 30-minute daily walk is a great place to start, if you don't already do so. Within a week or two you'll find yourself looking forward to your walk, and shortly after, you'll really come to rely on it to keep yourself centered.

     I would caution strongly against self-diagnosis. It's sheer foolishness to ignore the fact that medical doctors spend 8-12 years of training before being released unsupervised on the public. If diagnostics were as easy as running down a list of symptoms, we'd all be doctors. The fact that Red Star found treatment that worked for her actually doesn't mean that much! Pain is subjective, and the placebo effect is just as likely as a cause for her relief as a magnesium supplement. The fact that she felt better is far more important than the supplements she took to feel better.

For what it's worth, magnesium deficiency isn't actually too difficult to diagnose. It's only difficult to predict the ability of the body to move stored magnesium from more inaccessible sources to less-inaccessible sources once a magnesium deficiency (or superabundance, which is actually a far more common problem in older adults) is detected.  Unfortunately, this inability to predict the diffusion of magnesium has been used as a marketing tool by dietary supplement suppliers, who, in truth, shouldn't need to market their products, as supplements shouldn't be taken without consulting a medical professional first!
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Wow thanks for the advice the only thing is three years ago I was diagnose with anxiety and I was on medz for the it which help 98% of it but I'm off the medz now. Have also been to plenty of dr and they couldnt find anything wrong with me. Only my therapist listen to all my symptoms and diagnose me as a sufferer of anxiety issues. It all started when I was smoking weed with some friends and had my first panic attack. It's not like I don't know about anxiety and panic attacks I just needed some form of advice in to how to cope with it right now. I have felt like this also in the past but it wasn't as bad. the only thing I would like to do is a MRI just to make sure and to put my mind at ease. Oh I use to exercise regularly and yes that does help a lot. Thank you so much for your help
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