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Anxiety and Adrenal Disfunction

Has anyone out there had the Adrenal Stress Index (ASI) Tests done?  There is so much anxiety linked with the adrenals and a zillion other symptoms. I can't help but think there is a connection. I am going to see if I can get this test done by my ND.  It is not cheap, about $200 but I figure that is a drop in the bucket for all the hell of anxiety and all that goes with it?  Let me know if anyone has tried this route.

Thanks, and keep on!
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Sorry, i've never heard of it -- what is it?
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Hello: All I can tell you is I have been researching natural remedies for a few years now but this is something that keeps cropping up and especially the anxiety it makes me wonder. A Naturopath Dr.  in Vancouver has an article in this months magazine by Choices and he says identifying stress of adrenal imbalance and ones state of health can have some signs below:  
chronic pain
difficulty sleeping
low sex drive
weight flux
low thyroid
low blod pressur
frequent infections
autoimmune illnesses
sugar/and or salt cravings
dry skin
blood sugar imbalances

The ASI Adrenal Stress Index collects 4 vials of saliva during 24 hours to assess a patients daily rhythm and deficiency to determine treatment.

I fit the above to the tee, except for low blood pressure and I am going to get this done in a week and see what comes up.  You can get your GP Dr. to do cortosol and DHEA blood levels, but they don't like to do these tests as a rule...sometimes if you offer to pay,they will do them.

That is it for now, and I am still researching......let you know how it goes.

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