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Anxiety and Candida??

I know I have another post about anxiety & sugar but is anyone experiencing anxiety due to systemic candida?  Candida is an intestial yeast that we all have and when we consume too much sugar this yeast gets out of control, punches holes in our colon and releases toxins into our blood stream and can cause a wide range of health problems.  Anyone else?
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Hi there!  I started having major anxiety symptoms when I became convinced something is wrong with me (arthritis mostly.)  Interestingly enough, I am having a pretty bad problem with candida.  Nonstop yeast infections, a couple of rounds of thrush, those split corners in my mouth, etc for past several months.  I am taking Diflucan for the next month and trying to cut out sugars.  I have been having weird aches and pains in my joints and muscles and am PRAYING it is the candida (although my dr says no science to that) and not some type of arthritis (I have been tested some and waiting on results of more testing.)  I just posted a few minutes ago b/c I don't know if my newfound anxiety is causing the pains or if the pains are there and causing me anxiety b/c doctor can't figure out what's wrong!
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I'm so glad you responded.  I have been searching/fighting this anxiety problem for years.  Every time I go to the doctor they give me something for depression and I am unable to tollerate the side effects.  I've tried ALL the major meds...Celexa, Cymbalta, Lexapro, Prozac, Effexor...and usually day 2 I notice SEVERE anxiety/depression, brain fog, unable to concentrate and mood swings so I quit taking them.  My doctor keeps telling me to fight through those problems but they are too severe.

This lead me to look other places to find what was causing my anxiety.  Your doctors comment about "no science to confirm candida" is exactly what I get when I ask my doctor.  Do a search on candida symptoms and you will be shocked to see how this nasty fungus can cause all kinds of trouble.  My next door neighbor is a doctor and he has told me severl times that afte a person dies...it is not uncommon for doctors to find internal organs FULL of fungus/yeast...yet they still do not recognize the problem.

Here is what I know.  Over the past 5 years my diest was horrible...ya know..the typical American diet...McDonalds, Pizza Hut, taco bell and soda to go along with it.  My diet was very high in sugar.  Now...if I am able to eliminate all sugar from my diet...in 2-3 days my head will clear, no joint or muscle pain, anxiety is under controll and I can think clearly.  My problem now is making sure I consume NO SUGAR.  Sugar feeds candida.  

Not to sound gross but the one symptom that finally convinced me I was fighting candida was "rectal itching."  That stuff would keep me up at night.  did not matter what I did...it would not go away unless I eliminated sugar.  Even the smallest amount of sugar would cause a flare up.  I also crave sugar like there is no tomorros...another classic candida symptom.  As I look back over the last 25 years of my life I can now plainly see my body was fighting this systemic yeast infection.  

make sure to keep my posted on your progress.  Maybe we can help each other develop some kind of diet to eliminate this stuff.
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