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Anxiety and Heightened Nasal Passages

OK, I threw this out on the Respitory forum awhile back and have done some research on this. Unlike most things I'm not freaked out by this, just wondering about it. I'm not sure when it started but it seems to always happen, I get this smell in my nose that happens when I have heightened anxiety, stress, work out, etc. I wouldn't call it ammonia, it is more like mediciny..almost like a powder or talc. I read somewhere that a sign of anxiety could be this. The only stuff I found was on ammonia smells and most were talking about kidney problems which caused it on their body or breath or people sweating it out when they work out. This is only in my nasal passages and is almost like my nose burns, clears and the smell. Anyone experience this when fearful, anxious, panicing, etc?
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On the following link- look under Mouth. It states that you can have different smells. It is common. When I get anxiety- my sinuses become blocked and that causes a whole big mess. I cant really smell anything. It is really amazing what anxiety can to do us!!

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Thanks. It is so weird to me and I van find some people out there asking about it but most of the answers the get are about sweat smelling like ammonia or body or breath smelling like it. This is just deep in my passages.
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I have chronic sinusitis and it really sucks as I cannot get rid of it, I have tried everything. I understand what you are going through. However sometimes I can't smell
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The weird part is I do too..the chronic sinusistis...yet when this happens my passages actually feel open. It is the strangest thing. The only thing I can think of is it coincides with me thinking anxiety thoughts here and there and is only off and on.
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Please refer to my post above to tke5768 with regard to sinusitis; it is definitely a symptom/complication of this disease.  Best to all.......
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Hey hatgal,

Glad to see you posting.  So is everything okay with you?
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