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Anxiety and Life

I have suffered with anxiety, panic, irrational fears and depression for the last 5 years. It all started in University when I was 20. Over the years I have had some good moments and some very scary moments. For those of you who have had panic attacks and who constantly experience chest pain, heart palpitations, dizziness, headaches, cold sweats, shivers.....I know how you feel. Today I feel like at any second I could fall over from a heart attack. My chest is tight, my mind is fuzzy and my head feels like it is going to explode. This is so irrational!...why do I feel this way?....I can't stop worrying about my heart and my health....and it only increases with the more responsibilities I have. This really sucks! I keep thinking to myself " do I have heart problems?" what if I do?...it sure feels like it. Is anxiety causing all these symptoms or are these symptoms just making me scared and panicky? I'm so confused with life. Anyone else just feel like giving up? Can anyone relate with these struggles. I feel so alone is this struggle. I will admit, I am a Christian, but it seems like I can't relate with anyone from my Church...I just want to talk with real people who can relate with me about anxiety and stress. Anyone real people out there?
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hiya all your symptoms are typical anxiety symptoms, i have the exact same chest pains, palpatations etc nearly every day of my life!! have you been to a doctor? maybe you should go and discuss your feelings, symptoms and worries they can help.
hope your ok
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That was quick...I just registered like five minutes ago. Thanks so much for writing. It's a relief that I am not the only one who struggles with severe anxiety. I have been in and out of the doctors office for the last 5 years. My doctor is actually quite good, but we haven't been able to find a medication that works for me yet. I know my feelings and fear of a heart attack are irrational but its like no matter what I do, this feeling just comes over me and clouds my whole mind...my whole life! I think obsessive thinking is the word to use to describe this, but sometimes it feels like it just comes over me without my will. It's so weird! I know that my fears and anxieties are also related to emotional problems, and depending on what you believe, spiritual problems as well . I just feel so broken....like at any second my whole life could fall apart. Yesterday and today have been really bad for anxiety, it actually hasn't been this bad for a while.
Thanks for your encouragement, I truly appreciate it. Take Care.
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all anxious feelings turn out irrational if u let them, my fears are the same as yours and its not nice to live with, i wont take any medication but have started therapy which seems to be helping maybe that could be an option for you? before i started i was at the doctors every week i havent been for 8 weeks now haha, i still get the chest pains etc u just learn how to deal with them,
this site is brill if you have any worries, hang on in there
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hey just want to say i totally know how u feel i am 18 and constantly worrying about my heart how insane does tht sound, i have pulpatations mild chest pains ect. My doc said it is anxiety but i just cannot believe it i wont believe it i am so scared but deep down i think i know it is anxiety i just have to accept it. It is a battle coz u can really feell it and it is hard to believe anxiety can do this to u but it can! I still cant accept i have no serious illness Lol. x
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I too am a scaredy cat. I think all my symptoms fundamentally revert back to fear of death. Matter of fact, if I am able (work in progress) to remove fear of death from my personal equation, I believe there would be no panic, no anxiety. I have been seeing a therapist re this fear of death and there is light at the end of the tunnel.
God does not want us to be aftraid.
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I've been looking at this site for a couple of days now. I have had anxiety/panic attacks. For years. I've gone to therapy for numorous things and took care of that. I don't drink or take pills anymore. So for the last 7 years I've been dealing with Panic attacks to the point I won't drive.
The good news is. After some meditation, finding this site for the hypochondria which for me comes from the panic attacks, which come from the bad events that happen. I have been able to laugh at myself. When I get a pain I just laugh.
Your not the only one. Thank God for that.
Meditation and Laughing are the best medicine.
Support from people on this site, that understand, is a great help.
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I suffer from depression and anxiety and am on prozac
for them both which is working great.  For extremely bad
times my pdoc gave me xanax which has been a lifesaver.
It calms me down and lifts the deep depression I get when
I am anxious.  I hope you find something that works for you.

best wishes,
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My wife suffers from depession, and anxitey here lately she is afraid to gey t out of the house,she has had a mitro valve replced three years ago  and a hystaotemy  year befor that, she go yo  a dr, but heo nly give her med. no  councling, ssh is going to see  a councler april 8th, but  i think and she does a swell  she cnat wait that long, she allso feels bad shrt of breath wek tired. she iso only 48 in  the past  she had panic attacks that was about ten years ago  before i met her.would like sugestions o n what meds would perhaps help her.
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You asked if anyone else sometimes just felt like "giving up".  I will admit that I have felt that way many times.  I would also venture to guess that many others have too.  Just when you think sometimes that you have the anxiety in control, out it pops again.  Out of nowhere for me sometimes.  And...like you expressed, people that don't suffer from anxiety sometimes look at us like we're crazy, and why can't we just "calm down".  I've heard THAT one over 100 times in my life.  
But...all you can do is try counselling, try meds if you want, be sure and talk to your dr. because that condition (anxiety) is real.  There truly is help out there.  This forum is one great resource too!
Hang in there.
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