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Anxiety and Prozac?

I've tried several medications for anxiety and panic attacks, but have had major side effects from them all. Zoloft, Celexa, etc. My doctor recently prescribed Prozac for my anxiety and panic attacks. In reading about Prozac, it does list anxiety and panic, but they are down the list a ways. Does anyone know if Prozac is a good choice for this? I don't want to take them if they aren't going to do anything. I don't have OCD, which seems to be the main disorder Prozac is prescribed for. Thanks.
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i think the problem would be best handled head on. i would take anti-anxiety medication like xanax or klonopin. i took prozac 60mg didn't do anything, i took celexa 60mg didn't do anything. im on zoloft 100mg now and still nothing. i know i've been on a lot of different medications, but thats what happens when you get involved with psychiatrists. good luck.
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I am able to live with my attacks (which can get really bad at times) and I actually have a fear of taking meds.  I think the only thing I will take is a child's dose of tylenol only when I have a fever or migrane.  I have discovered that taking Vitamin B Complex capsules have helped reduce my stress and anxiety levels.  Also, I still love taking Flinstone vitamins, on top of the vit B complex.  I feel great when I don't miss out in taking one a day.  I think I would rather deal with my symptoms than the side effects of meds too.  I used to take Zoloft and Prozac and Klonopin.  Seperate time periods, but I didn't like the unreal feeling they made me feel like and the stomach cramps from them.
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My dosage for Prozac is only 10mg. I doubt it will do much of anything then. I have Xanax here, but only use them in times of real panic. I know they are very addictive, and that scares me. They help tremendously, but I am wary to take them.

VindictiveBunny, thanks for the tip about vitamins and vitamin B complex. Maybe I will look into that.

Thanks all.
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I had to stop taking the Prozac. It was killing my stomach. I couldn't stand it any longer. If I have to choose between anxiety or being sick to my stomach all day, I choose anxiety.
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