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Anxiety and Stress or Ms?

Well it's been nearly a year since my symptoms have stated.

It started with eye problems including static in vision, light sensitivity, glare, floaters etc, doctors and opticians couldn't find anything wrong, after a referral to a neurologist I was diagnosed with a rare syndrome called visual snow, and referred to see a eye specialist and have an mri. I also mentioned light headed need to the neurologist

Since seeing the neurologist I have developed the following/ symptoms have got worse (non eye related)

-Constantly tingling in my legs and occasionally random tingling though other parts of my body.
-Lightheadedness and tension headaches
-Occasionally getting my words mixed up
-Weakness in legs I can't do add much exercise as I would like to
-Increased frequency peeing and occasionally bladder pain.
-Off balance (although I'm not tripping over our falling I feel slighty unsteady when I'm walking, having a spaced out feeling.)

Due to my history of anxiety and the many tests I've had in the past doctors have said it's anxiety related (they also said my eye symptoms were anxiety talked before my diagnosis)

Currently in awaiting Mri results and to see a doctors, I would like to bring up b12 deficiency to role that out.

I'm also contiplating seeing a chiropractor if it could be a trapped nerve.

From Internet search (which i know doesn't help)  time and time again ms pops up replicating my symptoms.

I'm not ruling out these symptoms are caused by anxiety and stress but I'm not convinced.

I'm just feel up of feeling like this and having these symptoms everyday and I'm feeling its getting worse.

Could anyone shed some light on what they think this could be?

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Anxiety can produce a weird symptom called derealization/depersonalization. Look it up and do some research on it. It sounds really similar to what you're dealing with.
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