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Anxiety and celexa

Hi everyone...I have had chronic anxiety for about 5 weeks now and I had tried zoloft for 5 days and went to the ER twice because it made me crazy.......tremors,rapid heartbeat etc.   I also take xanax and Inderal and the doc just put me on celexa today.  I am so freaked out about taking it I cut a 20 mg. tablet into 4 and took one 1 which would be 5 mg.  I am sitting here with the hands sweating expecting all the bad side affects.  I don't want to keep going through the anxiety hell but wondering if I can kick this without all these meds.  Antone been in my shoes?
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It's hard to picture what you're going through by a short note.  I have known people with severe anxiety.  I have it but not as bad.  It takes time.  I don't think that celexa is for you if you are feeling worse after 5 weeks.  I felt better with effexor RX years ago, but it clouded my concentration enough to make routine reading a challenge.  If you are really feeling badly effexor rx and take some ativan once a day if needed till the effexor RX kicks in.  No caffiene if possible. If you have to tea not coffee.  Exercise daily if you can.  If you don't, start.  Try to rest, get sleep and eat well.  Try not to watch movies that trigger anxiety and try not to be around arguementive people.  In short exercise, eat well, and relax.  I am trying so hard to get to know God like never before.  I am trying to put my anxious thoughts into calming thoughts by listening to bible teachers that are reputable, and learning how to understand the bible on a podcast by Vernon McGee (thick accent).  I am retraining my thinking which is always anxious and all over the place.  I am definitely a type A so if I work I feel better about life and myself.  I have depression too so sometimes I push myself.  I also feel better on this forum.  Best of all to you.
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