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Anxiety and depression are ruining my life HELP!

Im only 18 and i started having alot of anxiety and depression after i smoked weed at school insted of somewhere else. I woke up in the middle of the night, from a night terror and it faded away in about a week. When i felt better I went to a cousin's house and smoked again but this time i didn't have a night terror but later on that day I felt like I was high again without smoking it could have been a panic attack i dont know but after that i was getting frequent panic attacks, pressure in my head, headaches
tinnitus, numbness in hands/feet derealization, etc.
Now its hard to go outside because I get a panic attack and is hard to move around my house. Im scared because i feel like I'll never get better and is worrying me im speaking to a therapist about my anxiety and depression but my symptoms feel terrible and have been looking them up and it says that it could be a brain tumor or ms and now I want to ask my doctor for an MRI so i can reassure myself that it's not that. What can I do to help my symptoms and get rid of my anxiety and depression
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I forgot to say that i have bad allergies as well atm which could make my anxiety worse idk
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This doesn't sound like an illness, but if seeing your doctor can't hurt.  Most likely you're going to find out you got an anxiety attack while stoned, a very common occurrence and one of the biggest reasons people eventually stop using pot.  Feeling like you're still stoned long after smoking is also common, especially if you smoked a lot of it or smoked something very strong, which is pretty hard to avoid these days.  This is what it sounds like to me, anyway.  My own experience is that pot is fun while it's fun and miserable when it turns on you.  Why it turns on some people and not others and why some people who get anxious while stoned hang onto the anxiety when they're not -- most just stop using it and don't develop chronic problems -- is probably because of a predisposition to anxiety that you weren't aware of, but that's just my guess.  I would say for now, stop using pot, and if you can't talk yourself out of the panic attacks and it continues see a psychologist who can help you past this.  Don't wait a long time so it doesn't become a chronic problem.  I'm an older guy who came of age during the Sixties, and pretty much all of us at one time or another got anxious while stoned.  Almost all of us stopped using it except on a rare occasion by our late twenties, with, of course, some exceptions.  As I say, it's good while it's good, but it's no fun when it's no fun.  
Ty for the help and im afraid that it will become chronic because it has been 3 months since all of these symptoms and i went to the doctor several times for my ears and the other symptoms and the medication didnt help
What medication?  For anxiety or your allergies?
Allergies and amoxicillin for the ears
Some of this might be what you say are allergies, but allergies would never require an antibiotic.  Antibiotics can cause a lot of problems for people especially when they're prescribed unnecessarily, which they are a substantial amount of the time.  They can kill off part of our immune system, affect digestion, and kill off organisms that help us maintain our emotional health.  One question to ask is did any of this stuff start after taking the antibiotics?  Were you told to take probiotics and eat probiotic friendly foods to replenish those organisms? But in the main, I still think this is a common reaction to using pot and because of that it's probably something you will get over with the help of a psychologist and avoiding pot.  Best of luck.
Ty and i have stopped
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Hi monsterdave ,
Sorry to hear from you. I think you should visit to doctor ASAP because anxiety and depression could be harmful to your health.
Thx i go to my therapist tomorrow and i might ask to see the doctor as well
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So, you have the symptoms now after the experience for getting high at school?  
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Yes, and i thought i got over it so i did it again somewhere else but this time it has lasted for about 3 months now
Okay, well, it sounds like you need to give that up.  It's not for everyone.  I would term this as you are having a tough time mentally and this is what you should tell your parents.  If you need them to go to the doctor, that is.  At 18, you are still under your parents roof?  Are you in high school or going to college?  Your doctor is important here. They can direct you toward your next step.  I do think you need to talk to someone.  The pot is not in your system and hasn't been for a long time (if you got high 3 months ago).  So, maybe that was a 'trigger' but you seem to be having mental health issues in general and a professional to work through this would be ideal.  You are young.  So, a therapist and a psychiatrist if you feel you need medication (or your doctor does) would be a good idea.  But therapy in and of itself may help. You are developing symptoms that if left to go on can compound until you aren't functioning very well at all and living a normal life.  I want you to live a normal life!  So, talk to your parents if you need to, set up an appointment and begin this process. Your mom or dad could probably help (I would help with this for my son).  good luck
I would just say, we don't know where you live and whether using pot is legal there.  You don't need a doctor of any kind to see a psychologist, and psychologists won't be a problem.  If you do see a doctor or psychiatrist, make sure it's someone you trust.  You don't need more problems, if you get my drift.  Peace.
Tyx i just started seeing a therapist and it is helping but i still get bad anxiety but not as often
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I started having Panic attacks long time ago, and tried many techniques , drugs , and other tricks to try and control it, some with better some with not as great results , until I started using the Calmigo device last year ,which was a life saver for me. When I feel anxiousness , and even before having a panic attack or even during one, I just pull out the device, breath into it for a couple of minutes, and I am back to my routine.  maybe this can help you too,
What is the calmigo device?
check out http://www.calmigo.com  or   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ktjXiRCGOo
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It's a good thing you stopped smoking! It effects people differently. I used to have panic attacks come out of no where and I haven't had one in a long time. Anxiety and depression is common though it can also go away after a little while after it runs its course. Look into Dr. Kelly Brogan. She's an psychiatrist MD that treats anxiety, depression and psychological issues by dietary changes not medications which have a lot of side effects. She has a course on-line as well as takes patients in her office on the East Coast. Listen to her podcast on the Joe Rogan Show. It gave me a lot of clarity. God bless you! Hope you feel better soon!
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How are you monsterdave?  How's it going lately?
Alot better since 8 started working, it clears my mind but when i have my days off i feel really depressed and i also have a little anxiety. But for the most part im doing alot better than before
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