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Anxiety and derealization ?? Please help

Hi guys im 22 year old male and about six months ago i had a panic attack my heart was rising i was sweating and didnt know what was happening i thouth i had hiv or something it was a felling i never felt before and the next day i woke i was still panicking and woke up felling like my brains would be on drugs or like im dreaming 24\7 but anyway got all blood test done had ct scan everything is normal and i was trying to find out whats wrong for so many months and came accross derealization syndrom as i said i fell like my brain is on drugs or im dreaming all the time or like random thouths and stuff would be comming to my headed and my memory is much worse now please help me out guys its been 24\7 for a six months its a hell i just wanna know is this could be derealization im really despirate thank you guys.
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You can't diagnose yourself on the internet.  If you have concerns you're suffering from anxiety, see a psychologist and work on it.
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