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Anxiety and drug questions

Hi>I started this anxiety the end of june after loosing my business, it was an entire 2 months before i got to a psychiatrist to help, my pcp gave me xanax and i used it prn, then the psychiatrist wanted to try a cocktail of trazadone to sleep, lexapro and klonipin as a rescue benzo, jump ahead to now, I have had anxiety for the last 3 months, I start my new job next wednesday, i have done the charles linden anti-anxiety guided imagery stuff(very helpful), but i have insomnia about every third night, after a failed lexapro attempt, made me very stomach sick, failed concerta after he thought poss add, failed busbar, made me so sick to the stomach, he attempted olepro, 1st dose 2 nights ago 75 mg, felt good in the a.m. and the in the afternoon nausea beyond tolerance, so now what,

my question; can you use trazadone prn and get anti-anxiety effects, I cant seem to tolerate the SSRIs,
what is the chances of my anxiety releasing after starting my new job, it is all somehow related to the fear/panic cyle, i am desparately trying to break the cycle..i dont want to be hooked on klonipin , I have been using about 2-3 mg/week....any thoughts or input is welsome
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Any depresstion at all that comes along with? I am on Effexer i was on Celexa for awhile but my body got ammune to it mabey you should try a anxiety depression pill u take once a day and then whatever as your PRN
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I really dont feel depressed but the depression scale would say otherwise, I am so afraid of getting addicted to klonipin, can you get addicted on 2-3 mg/week
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Im not sure if you can or cant but im sure it cld be possible. I know there is medication out there that is directed toward anxiety that you take 1 a day. Its hard for me because my anxiety is not full blown its that im anxious all day pretty much! A lot of times depression and anxiety come together in a pair. When i went to the ENT i told him my meds and i was was on xanax as a prn at night because i cldnt sleep but to take as needed. The doctor said that my body could get immune to it to where if i stop taking the pills i would be up all night because my body want the pill to sleep. I have not taking one but i dont think i would after hearing that! I am anxious a lot and unable to drive but without the Effexer i wld not beable to even walk outside my house and now i work as a customer service rep in an office and deal with customers all day and i cld never do that before! I wld look into taking something once a day like effexer but 1 thing i have learned it to NOT read the side effects because then i think i have every single one of them. I started out on 37.5 mg and i gradually bumped up to 150mg and i have no side affects at all but everyone is different. Even though you dont feel depressed it may also help you out with stress in your life and everything else! My pills five me energy......i use to be very tired all the time and fall asleep when i shouldnt and now im going going going like i should be although i have anxiety through out the day i normally feel great about myself! Let me know if you need anything i go to the docs alot and see a physc. conc. right now so she tells me a lot of information. Did you know that because i am a female and i have alot of hormones i am  acceptable for anxiety? I didnt know that but thats what she said! Crazzzzzynessss!!!!!! Hope u feel better let me know ask any questions whatever it is ill help you out the best i can. Good Luck!
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