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Anxiety and head problems

Does anyone else have head issues and have been told that it is anxiety?  I am about tired of this constant head pressure/pain that I keep getting.  Its very weird.  I will wake up in the morning and feel ok, then about 1/2 hour later this pressure/pain will start on the left side of my head near the top.  It will seem to intensify and then lessen itself throughout the day with no real rhyme or reason to when it is worse or better.  If I ignore it and go about my business it seems to get slightly better but if I acknowledge it.. it seems to get worse.  Is this all from anxiety?  I am so worried that it is something so serious.  I have seen 4 different doctors and had blood work and urinalysis done and always given anxiety as diagnosis.  I am currently taking lexapro for about 3 weeks now.. seems to help a little but annoying head pressure/pain will not seem to go away.  Does anyone have any advice?
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Not that anyone posted a response to this ... but if you guys are curious how I turned out .. so far so good.  I've been taking the Lexapro for about 6 weeks now and I am really starting to feel good.  My head pressure is so mild that it is almost gone.  Sometimes I don't even notice it at all so that is good news.  I am going places and I am spending time with friends and family again.  No longer am I thinking about death constantly.  I won't lie and say I don't but its not nearly as bad as it was.  I'm sure that if my head pressure I was feeling was due to a brain tumor or some serious head issue.. I wouldn't be doing better.  I'm sure I would be feeling the same or worse.  My appetite is back in full force and according to my last lab workup, all is well.  Good Luck to the rest of you struggling with anxiety.  Its good to know that there are people here to listen.
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Im glad to read your doing better...our stories sound very similar.  I have also been told that its anxiety...I have serious appetite disturbances too..Im the exact same...if i go about my day then the pain is minimal but if i pay attention to it it gets a lot worse..Sometimes I feel like I will just lose my mind or become horribly ill at any moment...I feel like the pain in my head is related to a physical problem that has yet to be diagnosed...Isn't that crazy?  BTW did you have an MRI?  Well just wanted to respond to u and hope that things are still going well for you...Good luck..
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No I did not go for an MRI.  The doctor I am seeing did not think I needed one.  She said that if I did not respond to the meds that we would further investigate.  Since then I can report that I'm still on the Lexapro and doing quite well.  I am feeling the best I have felt in a long time.  The head pressure is gone.. still have it every now and again but for the most part it is gone.  My anxiety symptoms have really diminished.  I hope that it stays this way.  I saw the doctor today and she did a blood work up on me last week and she said all was well.. so I am holding my head high and hoping this lasts.  Thanks for your post and good luck to you!
Hi what dose are you on? I just started and day 4 getting that pain in the right side of my temple on and off. I'm taking 5 mg. So far, I feel like myself unlike when I tried Effexor (felt out of it and didn't like it from the get go) but doesn't seem to really be doing anything except the pain in my temple and feeling tired...like someone is pulling the reins on my energy...Thank you!
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I seem to have the same problem. I get a tingle or pressure outside the skull as opposed to a headache, I definetely have anxiety, I went through a strange order where I was overstimulated on viagra and had to go to the ER. They check me out and said I was OK. I then had symptoms of hypoglycimia, which I was told later by my doctor is possible from anxiety from all the adrelin that can be produced during a traumatic event. However I didnt get to see my doctor for over 2 weeks and I went nuts with anxiety,  i actually thought I was hypoglycimic and follow the diet strictly. When I finally saw the doctor they did tons of blood tests and said I wasnt hypoglcimic, Sure enough the symtoms weny away. But I still get the head pressure and I still worry about it. It gets worse if Im stressed or even excited, like if Im laughing hard. But never a serious pain but just always prevelent. I also feel slightly dizzy. Ive been listen to meditation stuff to keep me calm, and I seen a therapist.

Does this sound like your experiences? Where there any side effects for lexapro?  How was you experience with it. Is their a generic? I'll ask my doctor all the details, but I'd appreciate any input.

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Hi, I do have anxiety problems. Recently, I experienced tingles, numbness on my toes, feet, hand, face. It all started with tingles on top of my head all of a sudden while on the computer one night. Then woke up with a phone call around 3am one night and noticed my left feet was numb and tingles.  This was last Wednesday. Then Friday, my ears completed got plugged up I could hardly hear only for a few minutes. Since then my ears are more plugged than the usual (I have plugged stuffy ears all the time but not extreme). I also feel nasal discharge back of my nose. The worst was about a week after this past Tuesday night, I had the worst kind of pressure at the top of my head. (I usually do get pressure at top of my head maybe due to the neck problems I have). I never used to get headaches or have these type of pressure until year after a car accident where the car backed up into my door. I was laying on the ground flat for about 4 hours with the pressure I was feeling on the top of my head. For some reason laying flat on my back on the ground was helping the pressure somewhat. I was feeling like my head was going to explode otherwise. Yesterday and last night I did not have the pressure like that, but felt more pressure around my ears and sides than the top of my head. Today I feel pressure and pain all over my head at different spots. Nothing extreme though. I noticed yesterday and right now too, on the left side my cheek feels tingly numb type. I noticed this yesterday when I was sewing buttons with my head a little bit tilted forward even though I try to be careful. I looked on the web and do find a lot about head pressure, but nothing too much about pressure on top of head? Does anyone else have similar feelings? Can this all be stress related? Opening my mouth seems to help the pressure I feel temporarily with my ears and laying down seems to help with the head pressure. I always find that helpful when my neck bothers me and I get a lot of pressure in the neck area as well. Could this all be related to just stress and muscular tension? The extreme pressure on top of head?
Please help.
Thank you. Wishing everyone a very long life as well as health and happiness.
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I forgot to add, I've had balance problems for many years now. I've had three times really bad where I had problem walking without holding on to the walls. The only thing that would help was to just look ahead. Nothing of this sort recently thought. It's been over a year since I had anything like this. The doctor tells me that my eustachian tubes don't function well, but other than that he also says I have anxiety. He doesn't say anything else, so basically this is all I've been told over the years that is over 6 years maybe. The posting I have before this is something recent though. That is within the last week. My balance problem is of type where I feel like I'am in a boat.
Thank you again. Best wishes to everyone.
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