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Anxiety and heart rythym

I  am a 23 yo female. I've been dx with frequent pvcs (couplets) and pacs. They started after the birth of my first son for no apparent reason other then I suffer from anxiety and experienced a week long panic attack which seemed to.trigger the onset of the heart issues. A year ago I experienced a horrific event. I was laying down the day after drinking and was feeling my usual pvcs when suddenly they wouldn't stop. It was about 20-30 mins of my heart beating all over the place. I thought maybe it was back to back pvcs which is sort of what it felt like in my pulse and pulse was not racing.I rushed to the ER where a nurse felt my pulse and confirmed feeling an abnormality. I then got hooked to a monitor where I asked a different nurse if she could see the pvcs and she said "well I don't see any pvcs, it looks like your heart is beating irregular." I then calmed down and the feeling went away shortly after. The Dr who came in and saw me said they caught nothing on the monitor. All blood test were neg. Troponin, electrolytes, ECT. All normal aside from low TSH (slightly hyperactive thyroid but endocrine not worried or wanting to treat it.) I then had episodes of this happening twice a day for about a week. I had a holter which should have caught it but at some point just conveniently stopped recording. The Dr said he didn't see afib or the holter but that it looked like a short episode of SVT (but like I said, my pulse didn't feel fast, just irregular and forceful). My chart now says no svt seen on that holter...? Now my pvcs are back and I live in constant fear that this was a deadly arythmia I was experiencing and that it will come back while I'm alone with my children or driving. Please help if you have any idea what this could be or have ever felt this. I am in constant fear and unable to live my life. Also the pvcs I now get do not feel like a thud like they once did. They now feel like a pause or pressure on my chest and no thud (where it feels like there should be a compensating "thud"). I should not ive had a normal echo and i am 4 weeks pp. These were gone my entire pregnancy and are just now coming back.
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Please clear this up -- did the doctors ever actually diagnose you with pvcs?  You seem to say no, they didn't.  You say you were diagnosed with them but that testing came out negative for that.  You also say you had a test for TSH, but that only indicates the possibility of a thyroid problem, it isn't sufficient to confirm it.  For that you have to get the individual hormones tested.  A lot of anxious people think they have a heart problem going on when they actually don't, they just feel anxious and that makes them feel like their heart isn't functioning properly.  Also, childbirth and pregnancy makes your hormones fluctuate radically, which can cause a lot of women to suffer depression (usually called post-partum) and anxiety.  The problem isn't mental illness in this case or if there's a heart problem or a thyroid problem or some other physiological problem, the problems is whatever is going wrong in your body.  Mental illness has no known cause, so if you eliminate everything else and nothing is found, then you've got chronic anxiety and it's time for therapy and perhaps medication or lifestyle changes and all the other things different people have found helpful.
Yes I was diagnosed with pvcs and pacs they svt is where the confusion comes in. I am in therapy currently and on anxiety meds.
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