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Anxiety and mucus lump in throat

Do many people get Mucas in throat that is like a post nasal drip feeling in the throat with their anxiety. My doctor and ENT specialists says everythink looks fine so not sure if this is anxiety related ? Feels like a lump of mucus stuck in the throat
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I might well be -- this is a common allergy symptom, and this is allergy season.
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Yup. When my anxiety gets high I have trouble swallowing and if feel something is stuck in my throat. Sometimes I even gag. It's terrible since I have a fear of throwing up. I always keep water with me at all times. If your doctor and ENT gave you a good report then it's most definently anxiety. It makes our bodies feel all times of things. Hang in there.
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It has been constant since my stressful situation and hasn't disapeared yet
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