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Anxiety and panic attacks

Is anyone on Sertraline for anxiety and panic attacks
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Not on any medication but I do have anxiety and panic attacks.
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How do you cope mine are all day everyday and wake me up at night X
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So are mine I think I'm having one now or a heart attack that's how it feels my face n jaw hurts I'm dizzy scared and numb :( had blood tests they came bk OK as did X-ray I can't bare it anymore
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Yes, I am on Sertraline for anxiety and depression. Zoloft works well for my depression and Xanax helped me for my Panic attacks.
Now, I am on lower dose of Zoloft and my symptoms are much better.
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Have been on 5 mg lexapro for one week and anxiety worse. Anyone experience worsening condition w this med?
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I was on sertraline for almost 2 months to help with anxiety and panic attacks. I was so heavily into the panic attacks I would go to the ER thinking I was having a heart attack. I still struggle with the anxiety and panic attacks on a daily/weekly basis as I had to stop taking the medication as I developed GERD from it.
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I am on 25mg sertraline, day 8 for anxiety and panic attacks - so far only really feeling the side effects and no real relief yet but am very hopeful given all the positive comments I've read online - if I can just last until it starts to kick in.  Also hoping that I won't require a higher dosage.
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How far preganant are you Hun? Stick at the Sertraline I'm now on week 5 and after weeks 3 I noticed a massive differece it does help X
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It can take 4 weeks to feel the full effects of SSRIs. So just be patient:) I have been on Zoloft for years. Recently thought it would be a good idea to increase from 50mg to 75mg but it actually made me really anxious! I am back to 50mg and back to therapy. I was doing really well with my anxiety but recent situational events combined with the higher dose of Zoloft triggered my panic and anxiety.
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