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Anxiety and ringing in the ears and weird head sensations

Is it normal with anxiety to have ringing in ears and weird head sensations on the same spot of head
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The ringing in the ears in something to do with the ears i think its called tinnesitis or hoever you spell thay word
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Hi Cloey102,

I'm responding to your post about ringing in the ears and anxiety.  The term is tinnitus and it is a sound sensation of ringing that is only perceived by the person with tinnitus.  I've had it for years myself and it's difficult to deal with on many days but it is also manageable.  I find it comes on more when I feel anxiety coming on and am stressed or tired. It is also associated with hearing loss (mild or more) which is typically an inner ear damage issue.  Sometimes it can come on with loud noise exposure too.  You might try telling your doctor and ask to have a hearing test done.  

As for help, I have used noise maskers for sleep and you can download apps that do it as well.  I have also taken magnesium (its a mineral) to help me relax at night and sleep, since anxiety and tinnitus affects sleep for some people.  Just check with your doctor if there's any reason you shouldn't take it. Avoid loud music and loud noise which can cause more hearing damage and result in more tinnitus.  

I hope this helps and you find some relief.  
All the best
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