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Anxiety and stress

can stress and anxiety weaken the immune system?
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Who knows?  One person can have several blockages in the major blood vessels to the heart and live to be 110.  Another can die at age 25 without any evidence of long-term heart disease.  Life isn't the same for everyone.  Evidence indicates long-term stress can lead to health problems, but it also indicates it might not.  Other factors that go along with stress and how stress affects your life determine this.  For example, if you have a lot of stress but you also exercise regularly, sleep well, eat really well, etc., you will probably have fewer problems that someone with a lot of stress how drinks too much or eats badly or is sedentary etc.  So instead of obsessing over that part of it, focus on what you can do to change how you think so you don't have the problem anymore.  
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yes it can definitely. I have experienced a lot. I also have HIV Phobia
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have you recovered from anxiety?
i haven't yet.  I decided to take combo test 10 days later. Actually I did not have the courage to go... but I have to.
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