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Anxiety and weight+homeopathy

Hey everyone,do you think weight can influence anxiety in some way?
like, if an overweight persons suffers from anxiety,will their anxiety lessen as they exercise + lose weight?
ive been taking some homeopathic medication for 2 days,and it says i will only feel the effect after 1-2 weeks
do you think homoephatic medications can surely help anxiety?
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Well exercise and maintaining a normal weight through a proper diet would be helpful for anyone. Anxiety disorder in particular can be helped through exercise which can relieve physical and mental stress which is often a part of anxiety disorder. As for homeopathic medications, you'd have to detail which medication you are on. Some treatments outside of conventional medicine have been shown to be helpful. Some have not. I do take some natural remedies but they are in clinical study and have tentatively shown efficacy in clinical studies.
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Homeopathy does work for some people, not for others, just like medication.  It's virtue is that, since it contains no active ingredients, it generally doesn't interfere with medications you might be on, whereas other natural remedies can.  On the other hand, natural medicine, and especially homeopathy, often doesn't work very well if you're on medication, partly because of medication's effect on the liver and digestive tract.  Both allopathic and natural medicine are trial and error; neither is as scientifically based or as effective as is contended by both sides.  Consider;  If natural medicine worked so perfectly well, nobody would have invented allopathic medicine.  Whereas, if allopathic medicine worked so well, why is there so much illness and so many side effects and so many unsuccessful outcomes?  It's important to remember we're still learning, and economic competition is interfering with this education.  As for weight, one thing to consider is how people get overweight in the first place, which is in the metabolism of fats and sugars.  The disruption of proper balance especially in sugar metabolism can cause all kinds of problems, including anxiety and depression.
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Thanks for the respond,both of you!
so you say...homoepathy might be more effective,if i dont take other medication like benzos or ssris-?
i can see your pont though
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A homeopathic physician can answer this better, but traditionally natural practitioners believe medication prevents the full effects of natural remedies.  One treats symptoms, the other attempts to treat the cause, and it's hard to do when your body chemistry is altered by medication.  But some will work with you as you are and not be so doctrinaire about it.
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